Ten Once in a Lifetime Destinations

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It’s peeking round a street corner and finding a local game of football to join. It’s tasting the best of a country’s cuisine cooked by the people who live there. It’s exploring wilderness with scenery so amazing it is impossible to take a bad picture. Best of all, it’s having unsurpassed local knowledge every step of the way.

Best of Malaysia


Travel to Southeast Asia and experience the very best of Malaysia. Since its emergence from colonial rule, Malaysia has developed a reputation as a land of diverse cultures, exotic foods, and natural beauty. On this adventure, we take you where the action is – past outstanding colonial architecture, among friendly locals, close to exotic marine life, and into ancient rainforests. Amble along forest walks, haggle in some of Asia’s best markets, discover perfect beachside paradise, and make friends with welcoming locals. This trip gives an inside glimpse to this fascinating country.

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Wild African adventure from South Africa to Zimbabwe

Get set for an adventure packed with majestic wildlife, remote desert landscapes, noble tribespeople, and natural wonders. From the stunning beauty of Cape Town, to a burnt orange sunset over Namibia’s Fish River Canyon, to a river cruise through Chobe National Park – this ultimate Africa tour will create memories to last a lifetime. Canoe down the Okavango Delta in Botswana, embark on a game drive in Etosha National Park, and feel the raw power of Victoria Falls on this journey filled with the very best of southern Africa.

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Explore Croatia

Get to know Croatia by traveling from Dubrovnik to Split along the Dalmatian coast. Idyllic beaches, ancient ruins, and serious old-world charm are just some of the highlights of this island-hopping adventure along this famous coastline. By visiting a local farm for fresh produce, swimming in turquoise waters, and wandering cobbled streets to uncover hidden treasures, you’ll discover the true heart and soul of Croatia and meet friendly locals along the way.

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Indochina Trails

Travel to Indochina and tour through Laos and Cambodia. Trek back in time on the trails of the ancient Khmer on an adventure through the Cambodian temples of Angkor, the remote villages of Laos and the bustling city of Phnom Penh. See the magnificent Mekong River – the lifeblood of Indochina – and relax on an island homestay. From Laos’ laid-back capital to Cambodia’s compelling Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, this tour through Indochina visits all the stunning highlights of the region.

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Buenos Aires to Rio via Iguazu Falls

Seek out adventure on a tantalizing trip through Brazil and Argentina. Enjoy the wood-grilled parillas in Buenos Aires or while away the night in one of Buenos Aires’ sultry tango clubs. See the jaw-dropping power of Brazil’s Iguazu Falls and the vastness of the Pantanal wetlands along the way. Meet up with Cariocas for caipirinhas in Rio de Janeiro and revel in the raucous atmosphere of this captivating city. Explore the most exotic places to visit in Brazil, pass through small historic towns, and spend time discovering the best of Argentina’s attractions. Tap your foot to the beat of the tango in Argentina before swinging those hips to the sway of the samba in Brazil. This feisty South American tour is an irresistible way to become submerged in the energies of Brazil and Argentina.

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Nepal Adventure

For the ultimate tour in Nepal, jump on Intrepid’s action-packed Nepal Adventure – a journey full of variety and unique experiences. Trek through Nepal’s rhododendron forests deep in the Siklis and soak up glorious mountain vistas on a hike through the spectacular Kathmandu Valley. Meet friendly locals in Bhaktapur and enjoy a riveting cultural experience in Pokhara. Admire the majestic Himalayas, go river rafting, and explore ancient kingdoms – this two-week Nepal Adventure really does have it all.

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Turkey Express

Savor the highlights of Turkey on this 10 day adventure. Travel to Istanbul and the sobering Gallipoli Peninsula, south to the Aegean Coast, and then on to the ancient site of Ephesus and the therapeutic waters of Pamukkale. Discover a culture brimming with mysticism as we peel back the layers of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Roman history. Packed with highlights, the Turkey Express offers a superb slice of Turkey.

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Vietnam Adventure

Get a taste of adventure in Vietnam. Travel from the French influences of Hanoi to stirring Ho Chi Minh City on a journey that takes in Vietnam’s most amazing sights. Relax on a Halong Bay boat tour, explore the countryside around Hoi An by bicycle, relax on Nha Trang’s perfect beaches, and crawl through the humbling Cu Chi Tunnels. This tour is jam-packed full of real life experiences and opportunities to really get to know the food, culture, and people of Vietnam.

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Homeland of the Incas

Travel to Peru and Bolivia as you head deep into the Andes to the mountain-top capital of Bolivia, La Paz. Hike the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, explore the depths of the Colca Canyon, and experience the island cultures of Lake Titicaca on a homestay. Discover the diverse scenery of Peru and Bolivia on this exciting overland journey and get a glimpse of the homeland of the Incas.

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Southern India

Lush and tropical, southern India is inspiring and delightful. Beneath the green shade of a coastal paradise, meet with locals in their fishing villages and tribal homes. Join them in the bazaars, on buses and boats, or even on pilgrimage in Madurai. From iconic cultural sights like the Maharaja’s Palace in Mysore to French-infused Pondicherry and the vast landscape of Periyar – southern India’s spirituality, friendly people and wild animal sanctuaries make it a fascinating part of the country to explore.

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