The Beauty of Ibiza, Away from the Clubbing Craziness – Benares Beach, Ibiza, Espana

The Beauty of Ibiza, Away from the Clubbing Craziness…
Benares Beach, Ibiza, Espana

It was almost three years ago when I returned to Ibiza – In years past I was there to see, hear, and feel every major dance club in the island, each one being their own version of Hard Rock Cafe, with all-night or all-day dancing, vices of every possiblity, and of course, unruly tourists. But this year, was the year I truly learned more about the island itself – the people, the hidden beaches, and of course, the SUNSETS.

Lucy, a native of the island, was a friend I met in years past, and was quite excited that I was going to return to the island, especially now that she owned a car. It was in that yellow two door hatchback that I was taken to Benares Beach – where locals and a few tourists, me in particular, enjoyed a hamon y serrano sandwich, a san miguel beer, a beautiful Spanish woman’s company, and the SUNSET, all to the sound of beating drums.