The City of Many Surprises – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Most of us plan a vacation or a visit to some exotic place, but then find it was not what we anticipated. My trip was not a vacation since I was born in Montreal some seventy three years ago, I cannot think of it as exotic. I left Montreal fifty five years ago to move to sunny California. So, why did I go back?

My granddaughter was entering the University of McGill which is in Montreal. I was reluctant to say goodbye; a trip to settle her in seemed appropriate at the time. This excuse was why and how I got there. My two-week stay made me fall so madly in love that I returned a few weeks later to visit again. Let me tell you about this exciting place.

Montreal is an island. The mountain presides in the center, which may be referred to as a mountain, but trust me when I say it is more of a large hill. Oh but what a hill – trees, walking paths, flowers, a look out, with the most spectacular view of the entire city as far as the St. Lawrence River, a lake and more. Montreal has magnificent churches, a famous port, and it's a city of stores, theaters and restaurants neatly hidden underground.

Did I mention food? The restaurants in this city are as good as it gets. Next to Paree, nothing is comparable. Montreal is famous for a smoked meat sandwich; the best is at Schwartz's Deli on the Main. This is a small, overly crowded place, where you will find a waiting line a block long, most every day, all day long. Another landmark is a steak house called Moishe's with a rib steak of unforgettable taste; extras are equally delicious. French Canadian food is outstanding. Aside from the well known Onion Soup and Split Pea Soup, there is the indescribable flavors of a meat pie called Tourtiere.

A large cosmopolitan city, Montreal is home to two languages: French and English. It also attracts other diverse cultures. It's a city comfortable with its people and cultures. And I love it.

Anne Lebrecht is an author of three published novels, one book of poetry and a book collection of short stories. She is currently writing her fourth novel. She lives in Califonia in Laguna Woods with her husband of fifty five years. She retired from a position of CFO of a large corporation, then made her hobby of writing a full time occupation. Feel free to visit her website.

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