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A Moment of Rock History

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Did you ever wonder? What would it be like if Bob Dylan and the Beatles had never met? And would the music be so wonderful if marijuana had not been introduced too? Are you a rock and roll groupie who has imagined what went on behind scenes during the musical transformation that began in the sixties? If so, you may want to add Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Volume One of the Best of the Blacklisted Journalist to your reading list.

Al Aronowitz, author of this new book, begins the first chapter with a blow by blow of the 1964 encounter of Dylan and the Beatles at the Hotel Delmonico in New York City, even to a description of how the joints were rolled while everyone hung in the bathroom. A mover and shaker back then, Aronowitz was assigned to write both the Dylan and the Beatle cover stories for the Saturday Evening Post. A writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, the Village Voice and the NY Post, he considers himself the “Jewish matchmaker” who was responsible for introducing the genius “that is Dylan” to the “Fab Four” from Liverpool, England and for introducing the Beatles to marijuana. He boasts “The sixties wouldn’t have been the same without me.”

Al recently teamed with local music talent Moses – at a book signing. The Pittsburgh North Hills’ Borders Books and Music provided the venue, and Moses provided the musical background. The band would play a song and then Al would cull a story from his repertoire of “insider” information. He counted not only Dylan and the Beatles among his intimates, but such other numerous musical giants as Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, and Miles Davis.

Moses and Mr. Aronowitz worked well together. Chuck Moses, who writes original music and plays lead guitar for his band has a degree in history and a special interest in music history. He was largely instrumental in convincing Mr. Aronowitz to include Pittsburgh on his book tour.

Al Aronowitz is a gifted story teller. You don’t write for the impressive publications that he did if you aren’t. And now he is writing all the stories that he couldn’t or wouldn’t tell back then. His eyewitness accounts are unique because many times he was the only journalist present. He kept notes; he has filing cabinets full of memorabilia. He says that Volume 1 is just the beginning of his chronicle.

My friends and I were fortunate to be invited back to the hotel after the event. Chuck played acoustic guitar, and we drank wine and played “Name that tune!” On the way home that evening, all of us agreed; we had just had an opportunity to share a little rock history ourselves.

For your own opportunity to connect with this fascinating piece of rock history, check out his e-zine – The Blacklisted Journalist. You can also order a book from this website ($20.00 including shipping) ISBN 1-4107-7978-5.

Moses, who plays Neo-Classic Rock and original music, can be found all over western PA from the Post Gazette Pavilion (they were one of the opening acts for Journey and Foreigner) to clubs in Erie, Conneaut Lake Park, New York City, and all points around Pittsburgh. Check out the music at

Pittsburgh area Borders can be found at 1775 N. Highland Rd. Pittsburgh, PA (412)835-5583) and at 8000 McKnight Rd. (in the Northway Mall) (412)635-7661.