Things To Do – Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico – Things To Do

Hiking, biking, and snorkeling
This guy does it all! Robert Hudson is his name and fun (and health) is his game. You can take a tour or rent the gear. Find him at or email at

Sport Fishing
This is a kick in the pants if you’ve got the bucks. Prices are per boat. Get some friends together and try this.

The seasons are as follows:

Swordfish and Striped Marlin: January – April.

Blue Marlin: May – December
Black Marlin: July – December
Sailfish and Dorado: December – March
Tuna all year

Prices vary depending mostly on the size of the boat. Whatever price your quoted remember this does not include: License, bait, lunch or beer. It’ll run you around $300.00 or so for the day.

Note: When you book one of these, which you can do all over the zone (compare), you will be required to put up ½ as a deposit. DO NOT stay out all night drunk and forget. These guys will be at your hotel room door at Odark30. The trip takes all day. Be serious!

There are a host of little day trips and tours you can take and most can be booked in the little street stands in the Zone. All these are reputable and remember…you get what you pay for.

Fun Stuff for Hire
Pulmonia Cabs
For the really brave (or sober), You can actually rent of those little Pulmonia cabs of your very own. That’s right…you drive! In front of the Ocean Palace Hotel there is a stand there that ,for a mere $46.00 U.S., they will turn you loose on the unexpecting populace of Mazatlan. This includes tax, insurance, and gas and about 50 free miles! They only have three so reserve ahead. If you’re not that brave or you are that drunk, take my advice. Hire one on the street with a driver. He’ll haul you around all day for around $75.00.

Jeeps and Dune Buggies
Hertz will rent you a jeep or the lunatics next door will rent you a dune buggy. These run around $75.00 for the day. Same sobriety rule applies.

And now for the criminally insane. Believe it or not these lunatics will rent you a 1500cc motorcycle! Prices apply to sizes. Sizes run from 250cc to 1500cc. Prices are $45.00 for a 250 for four hours to $115.00 for a 1500 for 24 hrs. There are some restrictions (not near enough). You can check this out at

Check out Tips & Advice for someplace to drive or ride to for the day.