Timeshare Rentals are the Secret to an Affordable Hawaii Vacation

For so many people a vacation to Hawaii is a dream. But for budget-conscious families, retirees, honeymooners, and even groups of friends, it can feel like Hawaii will stay just that. Not necessarily so. You just have to know the secret to an affordable Hawaiian vacation – a timeshare rental.

On a per person basis, the cost of renting a timeshare can often be 50% less than a hotel. And instead of getting a cramped hotel room, your timeshare rental will give you plenty of space and a kitchen, too. Timeshare rentals provide spacious accommodations that include separate bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a patio or lanai. It’s a perfect home-away-from-home.

The top 5 reasons to rent a timeshare for your Hawaii vacation.

The amazing thing about renting a timeshare is that on a per person basis it can typically cost up to 50% less than a hotel room. When you rent a timeshare directly from the owner you can get a great deal on your vacation accommodations allowing you to plan for a wonderful vacation in these economic times.

Even if you are one who enjoys “luxury” travel you don’t want to spend more than is necessary. Renting a high-end timeshare still gives you luxurious accommodations with a reasonable cost.

Who likes being cooped up in a cramped hotel room? This is especially difficult if you have children. Even a hotel suite doesn’t give the room that an entire timeshare unit does.When you rent a timeshare you typically get separate bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a patio or balcony, at least a couple of bathrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The extra space allows you to feel more relaxed since everyone can spread out.

Timeshares are typically attached to resorts, and the cost of the timeshare rental includes the use of the resort’s amenities. Instead of the one small pool and dinky hot tub generally provided by a hotel, at the resort you often have the choice of many different swimming pools, often with waterpark features. You’ll also find kiddie pools and children’s playgrounds. There can be tennis, golf, volleyball, bocci ball, and arcade game rooms.

Kitchen convenience
The fully-equipped kitchen can turn out to be one of your favorite features of a timeshare rental. First of all it allows you to save money on meals. You can prepare most meals in your timeshare thus preventing the high cost of eating out at restaurants. Even “fast food” is expensive these days.You’ll also enjoy the convenience. It’s nice to be able to provide breakfast without having to get every one up, showered, dressed and out the door just for a bite to eat. You can also provide nutritious and filling snacks through out the day to those constantly hungry youngsters.

Timeshare rentals are available all over the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and around the world. Every island in the state of Hawaii has timeshare rentals listed by the owners on redweek.com, the largest online marketplace for timeshare rentals, resales, and exchange listings.

How to choose the best Hawaiian Island for your vacation

Just about everyone on the planet knows that Hawaii is a dream vacation spot. But “Hawaii” isn’t just one big destination, it’s several small ones, each with its own personality, charm, and distinctive flavor. How to choose the best Hawaiian Island for your vacation? We’ll help:

At the top of the Hawaiian Island chain is the island of Kauai. This is the oldest and most northern of the islands, and is distinctive for its extraordinary natural beauty. The lush tropical vegetation has earned Kauai the nickname “The Garden Island.” Kauai highlights include stunning Wiamea Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” the Napali Coast with its spectacular sea cliffs, and Wailua River – the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii.

The next link in this island chain is Oahu, home to Hawaii’s state capital, Honolulu, and most of Hawaii’s population. Oahu is a mix of scenic wonders and cultural events. Oahu highlights include Waikiki Beach, that iconic beach destination known the world over, Pearl Harbor with its U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, and North Shore, birthplace of giant wave surfing.

Maui is the second largest island, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, some of the best whale watching in the world, and is the “windsurfing capitol of the world.” Other Maui highlights include watching a spectacular sunrise from the top of the Haleakala crater, and driving to the charming little town of Hana along a breathtaking scenic route.

The Big Island
Hawaii’s Big Island is larger than all of the other islands combined, and is vast enough that it amazingly holds 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones. This means that the things to do on this island vary immensely, from basking on sandy beaches to hiking above the timberline on snowcapped mountains. Highlights of the Big Island include Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with a view of Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and dazzling waterfalls along the Hamakua Coast.

Why a Timeshare Rental in Hawaii Makes Sense

So as you can see, like a delicious smorgasbord Hawaii offers a wonderful variety for every taste. Use your timeshare as home base and luxuriate in the time you have to really explore the island you’re on.

Your timeshare kitchen makes it easy to try your hand at preparing the many Polynesian dishes you come across. It’s especially fun to use the fresh fruits and vegetables so readily available in the local farmer’s markets, and the fresh fish and seafood that you can buy anywhere on the islands. Soon you’ll be feasting every day like Hawaiian royalty.

Many Hawaii timeshare resorts offer water sports such as snorkeling and wind-surfing, out-rigger canoe rides, and surfing lessons. You’ll even find classes in lei making and hula dancing. Calm lagoons are often provided for safe swimming by youngsters.

A timeshare rental is your opportunity to have a first-class vacation at your Hawaii dream destination – for a budget price. Start planning your special vacation in paradise!

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