Tokelau Travel Facts

The Basics

Country: Tokelau

Where is it?: Oceania, group of three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand

Why do people go here?: Want to avoid people, tourism and life in general? Tokelau’s 120 plus islands are the way to do it. With the only transport option being a cargo ship, not many make the journey. Tokelau is best suited to those who can appreciate the finer things in life and know how to RELAX.

What are the main entry points?: The Tokelau cargo ship comes every two weeks from Samoa and is the only way to get to, and between, the islands.

Currency used: New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Country Code: 690

Religion: Congregational Christian Church 70%, Roman Catholic 28%, other 2%. On Atafu, all Congregational Christian Church of Samoa; on Nukunonu, all Roman Catholic; on Fakaofo, both denominations, with the Congregational Christian Church predominant

Population: 1,400

Ethnic Breakdown: Polynesian

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Languages: Tokelauan (a Polynesian language), English

Travel Information

Major Cities: No capital

Attractions: Remoteness, Beach, Self-reflection

Health Issues: No vaccination requirements for any international traveller.

Tips for Visiting

When to go: April to October has the best weather, and since overflowing tourism isn’t a problem, you might as well go then.

Specific Events/Holidays: Waitangi Day (Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty over New Zealand), 6 February (1840)

Getting Around: Expect to stay for awhile as the only way to get around is via cargo ship and your own two feet.

Cheapest airport to fly into: Tokelau has no airports.

Need more information?: Check out the Tokelau travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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