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If your vacation has ever taken an unexpected turn, or if you’ve ever had unforeseen issues arise between point A and point B, you’ve probably taken solace in the saying “it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.”  Whether you wholeheartedly embrace this maxim while being sandwiched between locals on a bus in India or while stuck at the airport in Peru is questionable. However, over the years, all of us here at Intrepid Travel have come to learn that in retrospect, this adage is almost always true.

Intrepid travelers regularly tell us that their most memorable moments occur in transit, cropping up unexpectedly between point A and point B. So we’ve compiled a highlight reel of our Classic Journeys to make your next decision on “where to go,” a bit easier.

These journeys have the globe covered; from the great plains of Africa to the snowy peaks of New Zealand. We invite you to discover why the journey is half the adventure on an Intrepid adventure.


#1 Great Indochina Loop – 29 days – via Bangkok

Get set to discover something new and different every day, as we travel from the hidden treasures of Thailand and the laidback lanes of Laos, to the fabulous vibrancy of Vietnam and the engaging charisma of Cambodia. Get to know the locals, sample sumptuous cuisines, sail over pristine waters and scramble through a wealth of temples on this great adventure that gives you a chance to experience the heart of enthralling South East Asia.

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#2 Trans-Siberian & Mongolia – 21 days – Beijing to St. Petersburg

Travel across continents and time zones on one of the world’s greatest train journeys. Explore ancient Beijing before heading to the untamed wilderness of Mongolia to meet its nomadic people. Step onto the Trans-Siberian Railway and travel through Europe across the wild, open plains of Siberia before ending your journey in glittering St. Petersburg. This trip will open your eyes to the history, scenery and unique cultures that make up this fascinating region.

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#3 Silk Road Journey – 26 days – Beijing to Tashkent

Journey through the fascinating heart of Central Asia; an area that is only just opening up to foreign travelers. Explore the ancient wonders of China, including the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. Bargain for local goods at the Kashgar bazaar, experience local culture at home stays, and admire centuries-old mosques. From Beijing to the heartlands of Kyrgyzstan and exotic Uzbekistan, let the legends of the Silk Road come to life as you tread the ancient trading route that once linked the mighty civilizations of the East and the West.

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#4 Road to Zanzibar – 14 days – Nairobi to Dar es Salaam

Step into an enticing picture of tropical Africa on this inspiring adventure. Cross vast savanna plains where magnificent herds of elephant roam; enjoy warm village welcomes in lush jungles, and see where white sands and palm trees meet the sparkling blue Indian Ocean. Discover spectacular scenery, superb wildlife and fascinating cultures as you travel across East Africa overland style towards the exotic spice island of Zanzibar.

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#5 Paris to Rome – 15 days – Paris to Rome

Lose yourself in two of Europe’s most enchanting countries. From the romantic streets of Paris, head out to discover Provencal food and world-class Burgundy wines. Then rub elbows with Europe’s high rollers in the French Riviera. Feast on seafood and breathtaking sights in the cliff-top villages of the Cinque Terre and marvel at the architectural elegance of Gothic churches and the gravity-defying Leaning Tower of Pisa. Conclude this European adventure among historical wonders in the vibrant, ancient city of Rome.

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#6 Lima to La Paz – 22 days – Lima to La Paz

Journey through the Andes on this Overland adventure into ancient Inca heartlands. Unlock the secrets of the many mystic sights as you explore the streets of Cuzco, hike along historic Inca pathways, explore the isolated islands dotting Lake Titicaca and ramble over the ruins of Machu Picchu. From the colonial sights of Lima to the breathtaking highs of La Paz, journey through Peru and Bolivia and discover the highlights of these two fascinating nations along the way.

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#7 New Zealand Explorer – 21 days – Auckland to Christchurch

Explore New Zealand to the fullest from the secluded beaches and volcanic craters of the North island, to the glorious glaciers, majestic mountains and fantastic fjords in the South. Adventure activities abound throughout the trip – sea kayaking and snorkeling, underground black-water rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, mountain biking and kayaking.  From Auckland to Christchurch, and everything in between, this journey has New Zealand covered.

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#8 India Unplugged – 37 days – Delhi to Goa

Travel to the far-flung corners of India on this trailblazing adventure. In the north, ride camels through the desert, lose yourself in electric bazaars, witness pilgrims worshipping in temples and relive the glory of ancient empires. Venture south to bask in a tropical climate, cruise along the Kerala backwaters and come face-to-face with local culture and religion in small rural towns. This fantastic trip finishes on the gorgeous beaches of Goa; the perfect place to unwind and celebrate the journey with a fruity cocktail.  Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of colorful, chaotic and enchanting India.

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#9 Cape Town to Victoria Falls – 22 days – Cape Town to Victoria Falls

Get set for an adventure packed with majestic wildlife, remote desert landscapes, noble tribe’s people and natural wonders. From the stunning beauty of Cape Town, to the golden glow of a burnt orange sunset, to the thrill of being near some of natures most precious species, this trip will create memories to last a lifetime. Climb epic sand dunes, canoe down the Okavango Delta, embark on a game drive in Chobe National Park and feel the raw power of Victoria Falls on this journey filled with the very best of southern Africa.

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#10 The Ghan Adventure – 9 days – Alice Springs to Darwin

Journey from the heart of Australia’s outback to the Top End on this unforgettable nine-day adventure. See the world’s biggest monolith, Uluru, learn about the oldest culture on earth and view some truly ancient Aboriginal art. Dine on bush tucker, ride the Ghan train through stark desert landscapes, take a dip in crystal-clear rock pools and be sure to make time for a cold beer at the end of an action-packed day. You’ll discover a land steeped in legend and adorned in breathtaking natural beauty.

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What classic routes have you taken?

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