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Transportation & Orientation

Oviedo is very well-connected, transportation-wise. The regional airport of Asturias is located about 40 km northeast of Oviedo. Airport buses go directly into the city for about 4 euros. Taxis are also available, but run a steep fare into Oviedo (about 35 euros).

If you arrive in Oviedo by bus or by train, both the ALSA bus station and the RENFE train station are centrally located. RENFE is situated directly at the end of Calle Uría, the main street in the new part of town. Along with having national RENFE trains, the station also houses the FEVE rail lines, regional trains that go to destinations such as Gijon and Aviles.

Oviedo may be the capital of the region of Asturias, but it is surely not the largest city and so is not complicated to navigate. It is situated at the foot of El Monte Naranco and surrounded on all sides by lush green hillsides and farmland. The large Parque San Francisco, which is considered the center of Oviedo, along with several sculptures and statues scattered around the city, serve as great landmarks for facilitating navigation. It is located right off of Calle Uría, a busy, shop-lined drag that terminates at the RENFE station. Off the east corner of the park is El Casco Antiguo, or old town of Oviedo, centered around the gothic cathedral of San Salvador.

Maps and tourist information can be found at the tourist offices located at the east corner of the Parque San Francisco and in the Cathedral plaza.

Besides taxis and walking (which is really the best way to get to know the best parts of Oviedo), city buses run frequently and are also a great way to get around. Bus maps are posted at every stop, and a ride is €0.75 euro.

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