Travel Guide to the Edinburgh Festival – Scotland, UK

It’s festival time in Scotland again!


Below you will find links to all of the articles in the Edinburgh Festival Travel Guide, including what a smashing time last year’s festivals were.

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Fringe Benefits NEW!
Rob Mathison reckons Fringe Fever is the only fever that you’ll not want to find a cure for. It’s the withdrawal symptoms afterwards you should worry about.

Survivor’s guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe NEW!
Rob Mathison offers his picks of the Fringe venues, places to eat, things to do in and out of Edinburgh, and where to grab a pint when you’re done.

Military Tattoo Photo Gallery
These pages are all images, so might take a little longer to load – but the wait is worth it to see Carita’s night at the Tattoo.

I Want to be Mikhail Baryshnikov (16 Aug 2001)
Carita sees the sky for the stars – now to work out how to become one herself…

How to Put on a Fringe Play (15 Aug 2001)
Not only a writer, Carita also is a hardened play-putting-on professional, who wants to pass her wisdom to you, step-by-step.

Mama Mia – Here I Go Again! (7 Aug 2001)
Karaoke kings and queens are the real stars, and the spotlights shine longer than a rendition of ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’.

"It’s a Small World" – with an Edge (2 Aug 2001)
The Military Tattoo is a spectacle on a Disney scale, but the thrill of the ride is in music and dance that mesmerize all.

An Insider’s Guide to Festive Edinburgh (1 Aug 2001)
Carita, this year’s guide to all things Festival, introduces herself. Prepare for a wild ride through August’s many, ahem, performances!


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