Travel Plan Blog Idea: Site Review

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Everybody loves to share their travel experiences, so it isn't a surprise that more and more travel-related blogs are being added to the blogosphere every day. Some of these blogs are little more than personal diaries. Unless you know the author or the locale about which they are writing, they are of little use. Others are written by professionals whose personalities shine through and whose travel knowledge is essential.

The Travel plan idea blog falls somewhere in between. The idea is good. It was created to help travelers plan their trips, learn about fun vacation ideas, and to read reviews of destinations and guides. The execution, however, is somewhat lacking.

The first thing I noticed when navigating through the site was that the post entries on the main page do not include links (for some reason archive articles do have functioning links). For example, in a post called "Visiting Prague (or at least looking at pictures)", it is impossible to actually see the photos because there are no links. I tried this with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, yielded the same results. I also attempted to send a trackback link to a colleague so that he could test it too. The trackback link did not work either.

Technical issues aside, the site is updated with at least one new post a day. The writing is more functional than impressive with most posts consisting of a quick snippet of copy before linking (when it works) to other blogs and news sources. Sometimes the author's personality comes through. For the most part, though, you don't feel the passion that good bloggers are able to convey.

In a world where almost everyone has a travel blog, is this one you have to add to your RSS feed? No. If you want quick hits of travel-related stories on a daily basis, the site does deliver. My guess is that you already get this and more from other sources.

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