Travellers We’ve All Met – Part I

This section was devised while kicking back with a few other travellers. Present at this "meeting" were an Aussie, an American, an Englishwoman, a Japanese fellow and an Argentinian woman. We found that the harshest comments came from those talking about their own countries, i.e. the American ripping on his own.

The Yank (USA)

You can usually hear this traveller before you see them. They are often talking about themselves or comparing where they are to "home", VERY LOUDLY. Often seen wearing Nike shoes, a baseball cap and name brand clothes. You will also hear quotes from "Seinfeld", "The Simpsons" and about which character from "Friends" they’d like to be/shag.

The Yank will often try to take control of the group that he/she is in, and if they don’t get their way, can be heard complaining about how nothing is quite as big/quick/good as at home. Eats at McDonalds no matter what country he or she is in.

The Pom (Prisoner of Mother England)

Usually found in a pub, the male Pom is often working on last night’s hangover. If he is not watching football (soccer), he’s talking about it. When not in a pub, a Pom can easily be spotted by the pasty white or lobster red colour of their skin which is exposed at the slightest hint of sunshine. At this time you will also see the obligatory tattoo of the Union Jack, bulldog, or English Rose.

Popular spots for the Pom include Ibiza and Mallorca for the beach and club-life or a 6 month tour of India and Thailand sampling the local hemp products.

The German

Smartly dressed, well kept and wearing small glasses, the German traveller is usually quiet and reserved. They often speak more than two languages and their English is excellent. At resorts, they are the first ones out to put their towels by the pool to ensure a good spot. This really infuriates the Pom since he does not usually get to bed until 7am and the towels are already out there. The German male by the pool will always wear Speedos, commonly referred to as "shark shockers" or "meat safes".

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* Disclaimer: We at BootsnAll understand that stereotypes are oversimplified opinions of patterns within a particular group, lacking any individuality. We are not promoting these views or feel that every one of these patterns is always true. In fact, most of the travellers we have met do not fall into any of these categories, but dabble in all or some of them at one time or another. Just a unscientific count of observations from a group of travellers. Please do not take it personally and have a laugh at them.

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