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Travellers We’ve All Met – Part III

Kiwi's and Canadians
These travellers get lumped together simply because they will usually have a flag sewn onto their packs so they will not be confused with the stereotypes generated by their neighbours, the Aussie and the Yank. Canadians also differentiate themselves by saying "please" and "thank you" and getting very annoyed when asked what part of the States they are from. Canadians can usually be counted on to hold their booze and are always willing to try the local brew.

The Independent Gigolo
He is travelling the world collecting "flags". He's shagged more than 20 women from different countries and is very keen to tell you all about it. "I thought all Polish woman ate potatoes and had mustaches, but they walk a lot and have really hard butts" was an actual quote from one such IG. They will travel alone and for long periods and think they are very cool for doing so.

The Spiritual Guru
On a mission to find a higher being. Usually has some exotic herbs on their person. Often spend a lot of time in India, playing guitar and carrying their hammock. If you meet a spiritual guru on the way back from their travels, they will let you know that they have all the answers.

The Contiki Traveller
This traveller has been drunk in many different countries, hanging out with the same group for several weeks at a time, incestuously swapping partners. The only time they will interact with the local people is when they buy something. Their pictures tend to be of a large group of people standing in front of a tourist attraction or a bar. They promise to keep in touch with each other and some even organise reunions.

The Loud Mouth Know-It-All
Have been to 31 countries in 12 days. They know all the best sites to see and rely heavily on their guide book to take them there. They are eager to tell you how they "did" France by spending a day in Paris and will have pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Catacombes to prove it.

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* Disclaimer: We at BootsnAll understand that stereotypes are oversimplified opinions of patterns within a particular group, lacking any individuality. We are not promoting these views or feel that every one of these patterns is always true. In fact, most of the travellers we have met do not fall into any of these categories, but dabble in all or some of them at one time or another. Just a unscientific count of observations from a group of travellers. Please do not take it personally and have a laugh at them.