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Big Brother’s African Brother
Penny Raylott’s Africa trip is a chance to find out if she has the mental stamina to survive being on a truck with 24 people that she cannot escape from. Can she cope with camping in an ‘A’ frame tent for 11 weeks? In this Big Brother environment there will be no evictions, but no doubt there would be a few fellow travellers up for nomination. Let’s just hope that Penny’s not the weakest link.

The Couscous Weekend: 5 Days in Morocco
Michele Ann Jenkins has only five days to see as many mosques, hear as many snake charmers, and eat as much couscous as possible – but will she find her way out of the souq in time to make it to work on Monday?

African Anecdotes
Andrew Cairns visited the Ivory Coast with his native wife and felt he saw the real country, from the villagers’ perspective, not some package deal resort.

Adventures in the Ultramar
Pre-war Mozambique and Angola were described as Elysian paradises, so Grayden Ridd required little convincing to see them for himself.

A Trek in Dogon Country
Nicky McLean treks through the prime attraction to visitors to West Africa, but warns: Be prepared to negotiate.


Yes, We Have No Banana Pancakes
Given the state of things on the Eastern seaboard, New Yorkers Shannon Holman and Erica Harris figure they may as well take their chances against southeast Asia’s giant spiders and dengue fever.

Seoul Man: 12 Months in Korea NEW!
Like thousands of other unqualified drifters, Conor Purcell is teaching English in North East Asia. The aimless, sordid world he inhabits is something he will try and document over the next twelve months or so.

Hippies, Hikers, Hookahs and Harems
After four months in Africa, Susan and Edward Taylor head for Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Tibet and Myanmar in search of enlightenment.

Stumbling through Guizhou
Luke Taylor is a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in Guizhou Province of Southwest China. He’s enjoying (and infuriated by) the chance to experience a side of China that very few foreigners have seen before.

Shangri-la – or Somewhere in the Neighborhood
Chris Card Fuller and her husband were hunting for ‘Shangri-la’ just beyond Lijiang in Yunnan Province or at Inle Lake or Bagan in Myanmar, or at Halong Bay in Vietnam or at Angkor Wat in Cambodia – and if all else failed – at the Shangri-la Hotel in Bangkok.

Paul Kan’s Asia Journal
Paul Kan was a financial sponsor banker in New York City for DLJ until
they were acquired and he was laid off. In March 2001, he left on a 6-month journey of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, and Bali – which also gave him a chance to work on his love of photography.

Open Wide – Travels in India and Pakistan (and Thailand & Cambodia)
Emily Silbert is going to India and Pakistan for three months. She’s spent a year or so preparing and researching this trip and her goal is to return having a better understanding of the traveller’s epithet "Tread Lightly", in all respects.

Myanmar 2001
Doug Burnett spent about 10 days in this reclusive country that sits just off the normal travellers’ trail through South East Asia.

Tales from a Broad
Kat Blessin arrived in London when she ran out of money after travelling through Europe, and had been here for the last 18 months. After getting sick of the Brits and she’s decided to leave on a trip to SE Asia and Australia.

Digital Backpacker
Ben van den Anker is taking whichever road suits him in an overland journey from Bangkok to Tibet lasting six months.

Uzbekistan 2000
Doug Burnett travelled around this Central Asian country for about two weeks and found magnificent Islamic monuments and wonderful people – too bad about the food.

Trekking in Nepal
Ian Reynolds went to Nepal to trek through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world and to get as close as possible to Everest without actually climbing it.

South East Asia on a Hamstring
Marie Javins embarked on a 2 month overland tour of South East Asia with Intrepid Travel, taking in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Laos – Land of the Million Elephants
Inspired by the beauty of northern Thailand some years ago, Bernhard Heiser returns and continues to unspoilt Laos.


Strange Encounters on the Traveller’s Highway NEW!
Having always loved England, David Hackett has decided to see it in more detail, working casually along the way. Ireland, Greece, and Turkey are also on the agenda before he heads to Canada to finish his degree as an exchange student.

Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe
Neville Millen spent 2 months in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France, examining the art of travel while on the trail of some of Europe’s great artists.

To Europe and Beyond
An extraordinary tale of one man’s determination to make up for lost time. After a low point in his life, Ian Elliott found travel, took his first step, and hasn’t looked back since.

What You Risk Reveals What You Value
Lizza Osborn felt Eastern Europe was the perfect place for an adventure. It’s her first solo trip abroad and she won’t be bringing much with her except for a good attitude!

Louise Douglas has decided not to worry about where her next job comes from. She’s visiting rellies in the UK, cruising the Atlantic and the Caribbean, and taking in as much Formula One as she can in Europe.

Bonus Year
After being offered a scholarship in Cambridge, England, Phil Mayor decided to see as much of Europe as he could. Suddenly, he felt as if a whole year had just been added to his life.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Road You Take
Vincent Yanez embarked on a European journey with his friend Chris that would include visits to places such as London, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, The French Riviera, Monaco, Holland and Scotland. They go from being locked within a Scottish dungeon to the discovery that Van Gogh is alive and well, managing a hotel in Holland.

The Big Trip
Jennifer Colvin and her boyfriend, Bob, are using their bikes and local transportation to follow an indirect route from France to Turkey. They’re hoping the bikes will allow the journey to be open to possibility. Instead of passing through the scenery, they become a part of it.

Trans-Atlantic Travelogue
Clayton Trapp and his family (including Blackberry the dog) will drive all the way across the U.S. to Grandma’s house in Vermont, then down to Miami where they’ll take a cruise ship to Barcelona. From there, they’ll be following the ATP tennis tour which will lead them from Spain to Germany, to France, the Netherlands, England and finally Italy. In between they’ll be spending time in Denmark, the Netherlands, and God only knows where else.

With the Sea Always On My Right
Sandy Robert traveled counterclockwise around Ireland. From Dublin to Dublin, traveling mainly along the coast in a two week period. Her only concern was that she might not have enough time to fit in all the things she wanted to do along the way.

The Wild-West Highland Way
Les Singleton put off visiting Scotland for years, knowing that one walk amongst its mountains would have him hooked for life. He hiked the West Highland Way with his brother and knew that his hunch was correct.

Take Any Road to the Highlands, But Stay on the Left
The year 2000 may have been a non-event for many people, but it sparked a new adventure for Marc Cullison and his family. With almost a year of discussions and preparation behind them, they lunged into travel mode for eight glorious days in Scotland.

Cindy’s UK Tour
Cindy Zimmer has decided that her job really isn’t for her. The look on her friend’s and family’s faces when she said she had a working holiday visa for the UK was priceless.

Les Trois Mousquetaires go to France, Italy and maybe a few other places
Marie-Claire Hatfield is taking her two daughters on a tour of western Europe. Tiffany and Kimberley will be sharing their thoughts as well.

Ireland on a Working Visa
Anthony St Clair spent 4 months in Ireland on a Usit working holiday visa. And he couldn’t wait to sample the Guinness!

European Tour, My Own Way
Celeste Bobryk squeezed as much of Europe into a month as she could and still found time to enjoy herself.

European Travelogue
Geoff Clelland saved up some cash and went along on the ‘Bastards-R-Us’ tour of Central Europe. Here is the travelogue from the eleven cities he visited.

Soul Surfer in Europe
Mike Jones spent some time in Amsterdam, sampling the local culture and making a bunch of new friends.

From Baltic to the Black Sea
Tan Wee Cheng’s odyssey through the borderlands of Europe, taking in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

England Through My Eyes
Observations and pictures from Kelly Cheng’s 3 week adventure in England, from London to Cornwall to the Lake District.

Caribbean/Central America

Find Me In Jamaica
Amy Casey is flying off on a last minute trip to Jamaica. She’s at a point in her life where she’s coming back to her creative self and thinks Jamaica might be just what she needs.

Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados
Kelli Sullivan knew she needed to be somewhere else in the world besides the monotony and mediocrity of her college town in Utah. Two weeks later she showed up at the airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Cuba Independently? Es Posible!
Derek Gruar fell in love with Cuba and is looking forward to making her acquaintance again hopefully in the not too distant future.

Paget’s Belize Journal
Paget Engen’s adventure working and living in Belize for four months began with a late night catching up with an old friend. Paget wanted to live somewhere else and her friend knew a guy who needed some help with his consulting business. Amazing how things work!

Tapir Travels
Mattias Niinisaari is travelling in Central America. The purpose (except to get a nice tan) is to experience the Latino and indigenous culture there with everything that it involves.


A Year and a Day NEW!
After quite an incredible amount of dithering, and infuriating his friends with his indecisiveness, Daniel Wallace resolved to go travelling. His route will take him across the USA, down through Mexico and Central America. Daniel’s travels continue at No Place As Home.

Round The World by Bike NEW!
Alastair Humphreys is embarking on a journey of 70,000 miles, 5 continents, 50 countries. Alone and on a bicycle. No buses, no hitching, no support vehicles.

Me, My Girl, and a Frost Free February
If Selena Liss has to spend one more winter in Montreal, she might not make it. The solution is a trip to India, South East Asia and Australia.

Diary of a Single Girl
Follow Maria "Ria" Argyropoulos around the world as she pursues sunshine and summertime, and gains a one-tanline tan. Now if only she stopped losing stuff everywhere she goes.

Worldwide with Wee-Cheng
Wee-Cheng Tan has found himself jobless and helpless before the travel bug. He’s off to Latin America, Europe and onwards – where maybe he won’t get into as much trouble as he did the last time he went to Asia. But we’ll see…

The Year of Living Differently
Trisha Sng is going RTW for a year. She’s looking forward to being a little unnerved by new countries, new experiences, new currencies, new languages, new food, new ways of doing the same things.

The Thermal Trip
Melanie Rae is off to Nepal, the long way round. Russia, China, Tibet and Nepal and then perhaps India for good measure.

What Do Travellers Do All Day?
As little as possible. Megan Woods is out to perfect the art of the loll: just hanging loose, relaxing, and doing so in as many places around the world as she can in one year.

The Road Beckons
The Road is calling Jamie Greene. Calling him to leave behind great things that will most definitely be missed – friends, job, girlfriend – but such is the power of the Road.

China. Maybe One Day
Whilst out having a couple of beers, Jez’s friend asked him if he wanted to go to South America with him. Jez wasn’t quite sure because he had been planning to visit China for some time. However, after a few more beers a pact was made and route had been planned. Sort of…

A Round-the-World Journey to Find a New Home
Jake Stroudley and his wife, Eddie, are doing the ultimate dream for a lot of travelers, they are upping roots and moving away. Home is the UK; away is, they don’t really know yet. That’s the exciting part.

Chasing Horizons
Phil Rado has been combining work with travel for since 1997. He has plenty of stories from his travels so far and is looking forward to the next adventure, a Round the World trip in 2002.

Searching for Something
Tutti and Josh are off from California to head around the world, and fulfill their "trip resolutions": be more open, outgoing, receptive to talking to people, and being cheerful and happy back.

Chasing the Sun
Bid and Renee have sold off everything to fund a 2+ year trip to find a new home. They’ll hit 54 countries on 6 continents, see old friends, and meet new people and fellow sunchasers.

RTW Honeymoon
The Lightholders will spend three months exploring Europe before jumping over to South East Asia for a few weeks, then on to Australia and New Zealand. They will spend a week in Fiji and then two weeks in California, saying goodbye to family and friends before leaving for Ireland to live happily ever after.

It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe
Carmen Arufe has been hired by a captain of a yacht and will be taking to the open sea from Europe to the Caribbean and back again. Wherever she goes though, you can be sure she’ll be taking her bathrobe!

Travels with Nate
Ian Botts is setting off on a trip of a RTW trip of a lifetime. With him is Nate. He may be a stuffed monkey but he’s a wonderful traveling companion.

Pursuit of the Endless Summer
Andrea & Dale Johnson decided to see what would happen if they turned thier
fantasies into reality by travelling together in the South Pacific, Australia, New
Zealand, and S.E. Asia for 14 months.

I Wanna Be a Travel Writer
After years of working for a travel publisher and months of the BootsnAll lads ripping the piss out of her, Jen Leo decided that it was time to see whether or not she has what it takes to be a travel writer. After 7 months in Oz and Thailand, she’s also hitting both Europe and the notebooks.

Travel Without a Plan
Paul Hastings is off to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia without a lot of planning, but a lot of questions to be answered.

Two people, Two backpacks, One world, One year. Follow newlyweds Henry Becker and Tracy Martin on their extended honeymoon around the world.

Tim and Mari’s World Tour
Recently married, Tim and Mari set off on a RTW trip visiting New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, South-East Asia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Turkey, and Mediterranean Europe.

The Millennium Trip
A Travelogue by Keiron Burchell consisting of a 7 month overland journey from Turkey to Australia. 37,324 km over land and sea and 1,200 km by air.


Swagman NEW!
George Dunn is off to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. His plan is simple, meaning he doesn’t have one. But he has a ying yang balance of bad luck to get him into weird situations and the good luck to get out of them with a good story.

Australian Time Out
Yvonne Reilly is suffering a Quarter-Life Crisis. Her remedy is pack up and move to Australia for a year and see what happens.

Little and Large Down Under
David Bier and Jenny goldsmith are escaping from a depressed UK job market by working and travelling around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

There And Back Again…Maybe
Sophie Dixon-Box is setting off on a trip to Australia with her boyfriend. They aim to work and play in Oz for awhile and, if the relationship holds up they’ll repeat the process in New Zealand.

The Buddha’s Striptease: Naked in Oz Tour 2001
While working in NYC, Todd Traynor felt like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day": reliving the same day again and again. To break the cycle he’s making a trip to Australia with the goal to leave Oz in 2 or 3 months with just the clothes on his back.

The Road to Becoming OZ Experienced
David Savage finds a way to travel Australia that will take you nearly everywhere but won’t teach you the meaning of life!

No Pockets in Shrouds
David Barker’s journey to Australia staying solely in hostels goes to show that life doesn’t end at 50.

Middle East

Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string
Christine Michaud is flying to Cairo to begin a two-month solo overland journey through Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. She’s kept her itinerary pretty flexible to accommodate the unexpected, like getting arrested for spitting in the face of sleazy Egyptians or falling in love with her hamman masseur.

Kuwait 2000
Between Christmas and New Year, Pradeep Selvakumar visited his parents in Kuwait. He got to befriend some people, both ex-pat and native, in a country that was for him interesting – and boring.

Two Months in the Middle East
Following Israel’s withdrawal from South Lebanon in May, Conor Purcell, a second year journalism student in Griffith College, Dublin, went to the Middle East to see the situation for himself.

Our Gundogan Blue Voyage
Donna Gulec spends 12 days on a 90ft Gulet, sailing the Turkish coast from Dalyan to Antalya.

Iran Travelogue
A ten day solo journey by Doug Burnett into Iran, including Isafan, Shiraz and Tehran. Useful subsection on dress code, visas, hotels and money.

North America

Diario de un Viaje: Baja California Sur
Despite sometimes seeming an unofficial set for Girls Gone Wild, Baja is more than Tijuana and Cabo, has some of the world’s best surfing, and offers great places for the traveler avoiding tourists. And no, that’s not Delara Adams in those videos. Really.

Travels for Two in a Green Ford Escort
Jeff and Deborah Cameron are planning on seeing plenty of national parks and most of the 50 states of the US and then continuing over to Europe, where they’ll slowly make their way to Athens, Greece to stay with a friend.

Four Wheels Spinning – Stories From the States
A road trip across the US won out over more exotic trips for Jessica Dolce’s post-graduation trip. On the way she’s sure to find the things that are uniquely American, in ways both good and bad.

How to Kill a Rental Car
Andrew Walker’s adventures during his 11-day road trip through the American Southwest with his friend Josh Mowczko. Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook in hand, they laugh in the face of fear as they tackle everything from flood threats to drag-racing on salt flats.

Moving to San Miguel de Allende
One mom, 4 girls, six months, and every day more amazing than the one before. Fifteen-year-old Kathleen Bohne recounts her family’s move from Colorado to Mexico.

An Aussie in Canada
Nik Philps is tackling the vastness of North America, starting with a year in Canada. The plans are many, and the bank account low. Who knows what will happen?!

Chris’s Virtual Vacations
Perhaps someday Chris Burdett will feel the need for international excursions. For now he’s perfectly happy finding new wonders in his own backyard, that wonderful part of the United States called the South.

South America

The Exploitation and Contradiction of South America
Travis Neeson has 11 weeks to rationalize the contradiction of his exploitation of South America during his study of the historical and contemporary contradiction and exploitation of South America. Sound confusing? Well, then, read on to discover what it’s all about..

Continental Drift
Adam Carter has 60 days to travel 6,000 miles from the southern tip of Argentina to the northern coast of Brazil.

Beyond the Backyard
Elysse Zarek always figured her first trip abroad would be to Europe, somewhere familiar and easy. Then her boyfriend took a job in Argentina. The result? She’s not going to Europe after all.

From Baja to the Land of Fire
After many personal and professional ups and downs, Hollander Theo Smits decided it was time to take his big dream trip: 6 months of land and water travel from Tijuana, Mexico, to Ushuaia, Argentina. Follow him along as he seeks new impressions, inspirations, ideas and dreams.

Tortuga Travels
Jennifer Bildersee had a sweet job and a well-located apartment in Brooklyn when she was offered an unexpected promotion. This led her, of course, to quit, give up her sublet, and immediately flee the country. Bolivia is her first stop.

Rafting the Amazon
Charles Brennick and his girlfriend had planned to catch a river boat in Pucallpa, Peru and float down the Ucayali River to Iquitos, located on the Amazon River. However, after being offered a raft and oars for a grand total of $3, their plans changed dramatically.

Diving Adventure in the Galapagos
Leanne Wells’ diving trip to the Galapagos Islands includes excursions into Peru and Ecuador, and dinner with a jaguar.

Peru Online Journal
Jeffrey Berk visits some of Peru’s most famous sites and finds internet cafes in some amazing places.

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