Travels With Nate #6: Aswan to Luxor, Egypt


Aswan to Luxor, Egypt

October 10th
Sunday was just another chill type day. Lyndon and I found a really good falucca captain to take us to Luxor. If you are ever wanting to go falucca-ing then the Jamaca family is the company to go with.

We also had to move hotels as the guy who sold us the hotel rooms wouldn’t let us stay for the same price. We moved down the street to a place call the Orabi Hotel. The rooms are £7.50 per person and are fine as cheap places go. The management is super friendly and if you are lucky they will invite you to the roof to smoke some ‘special’ sheesha and have a couple of beers! (yep, that was my Sunday night!!)

Monday we got up early and left for our falucca trip. We bought some of the ‘special’ sheesha mix we tried the previous night and left. Unfortunately we had to leave both Penny and Fee behind as a tummy bug had made traveling on a boat a very treacherous thing.

The next couple of days were incredible! All we did was sit around the falucca, watch the banks of the Nile drift by and relax. We did go for a couple of swimming sessions in the Nile (Nate wouldn’t go in since he was convinced that he would get sick and was still down since Poobell stayed with Penny in Aswan!). We did have a little shore leave at Komombo to check out the temple but that was about it. I could easily give up rafting and become a falucca captain!

On a down note I am now very, very sick. As we left the falucca to head to Luxor I came down with the same tummy bug Penny had on Monday. Grrrr. The four hour trip from Edfu to Luxor seemed to go on forever and we had to keep stopping the whole armored convey (yep, there were about 20 buses and a bunch of army type people taking us to Luxor) so I could go and relieve my rumbly gut!!! Sob Sob.

I did make it to the hotel (Happy Land Hotel) and that is where I am staying. A couple of other people from our falucca (four guys from South Africa, Japan, and Slovenia) checked in with us. I can’t really go very far from the bathroom!! Nate is being very good to me but there is only so much a little monkey can do for a very sick guy the size of myself. Wish me luck and a speedy recovery! Nature is calling!!

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