Travels With Nate #7: Luxor – Dahab – Nuweiba (town of doom) – Aquaba, Jordan

Luxor – Dahab – Nuweiba (town of doom) – Aquaba, Jordan

October 13th
I am better. YAY!!! I have to apologize about the abruptness of my last set of updates. I was very sick and needed to get caught up. Also the internet connection in town was not very good and the power went out once!! So hopefully this will be better…

Anyways, I have been all around Luxor. Gosh, is it cool. Just in town is the Luxor Temple, built just before the the birth of Christ and it’s in very good shape. The size of the columns and statues dotting the site are very impressive and the locals have done a great job in restoring it.

Yesterday I joined a tour into the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens. This was an all day tour including lunch, all for �60 ($15). The tour was good and our little Egyptologist was well informed. The Valley of the Kings is definitely the most impressive and Nate and I had a good day in all. Unfortunately, like anywhere in Egypt, we were taken on lots of shopping opportunities including the mandatory Papyrus Museum! Yeahhh!!! The girls kept telling the shop owners that I was their husband and had all the money!! (Thanks ladies!) To Nate’s delight both Penny and Fee have made it (yes, Poohbell came as well). I was getting a little upset at the constant banter Nate was throwing around because he was all alone in the world… Blah blah blah… Oh well, Monkey love is pretty cute!

Today has been a little on the funny side. Fee went off to the post office to do some bits and pieces. Upon her arrival back at the Happy Land, Penny and I were going to join her and go to Karnak (a very old temple complex that spans 1km by 800m!). Well, Fee totally disappeared. After about two hours Penny started to get worried and floated around the hotel saying things like “My travel buddy is dead!” and “What do I do with all her stuff?”. It was kinda funny at first but started to get a little annoying. But to everyone’s relief, Fee turned up munching on a Falafal. I guess she ended up getting very lost, having Tea with the people at the post office, and taking a horse and carriage ride back to the hotel via a Falafal stand. Both Penny and I were very unimpressed and we left to go to Karnak.

Karnak was pretty cool and very big. However the three of us were having lots of problems concentrating on the temples. Instead we kept making rude comments about each other and giggling like little girls. We did manage to bride a guard to let us up to the roof of one of the temples (a huge no no) and take some pics (and who said corruption was a bad thing?). After Karnak we met up with Lyndon and bought some bus tickets to Dahab. I guess this bus ride is going to be in the 15 hour category. Nate is not looking forward to being cooped up, I can tell you!

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