Travels With Nate #9: Aquba – Petra, Jordan

Aquba – Petra, Jordan

October 22nd
Guess what I found, a great internet cafe in Petra! Cool huh?
Nate and I got to Petra the day before yesterday by getting a combination of little mini-buses (vans carrying all sorts of goodies, including people). The ride was kinda cool and Jordan looks to be a very developed country.

After getting to Petra we checked into a very good hostel called the ‘Valentine Inn’. I have to admit, it is up there with the top 10 hostels on my list. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and the staff are very friendly. A room starts at about 2 Jordanian Dinars ($2.80) and an all-you-can-eat Bedouin meal is the same. Every night there is a movie played in the lounge done on consensus (normally Indiana Jones!). They also provide daily free rides to and from Petra. All in all, Nate and I are very pleased.

Yesterday we awoke to have our first full day wandering around the famous city of Petra. We arrived to the site and paid the 31JD (waaaay too much money for my pocket book) to get a four day pass to the city. We spent all day wandering around the city and hiking through the mountains. Both Lyndon and Fee are very good hikers and have been all around the world climbing different mountains.

We ended up getting directions from some Bedouins on a “different” way down the mountain. Well, we got very lost clamoring around the peaks and valleys of different mountains that we could not name. I am very glad that my buddy Jeremy from back home bought me a compass as a good-bye present cuz I needed it yesterday! We finally had to re-trace our steps back since we kept coming to cliff faces with three hundred foot drops! (I am very scared of heights and this was getting old I tell you!) We made it out just in time for the last mini-bus back to the hotel. All in all I had a great day and saw some wonderful sights. I have blown through a couple of rolls of film already and I have a lot more exploring to do! And yes, I saw the same building as in the Indiana Jones movie!!

Nate and I are off again to Petra. I think we are going to have a less stressful day today and maybe just have a little wander and watch the sunset!

PS: I think we may be going into Iran for a week or two now… I guess I will find out if I am going when I get there!! You know, I kinda like all this traveling without any real plans!

PPS: If you have any questions about places I’ve been or am going feel free to e-mail me at