Trekking in Nepal – Post-Trip: Glossary

cairn – pile of stones marking a route (‘stone man’)

chorten – Tibetan stupa

crevasse – dangerous cracks in a glacier

dal bhat – staple meal of lentils and boiled rice

drangka – stream

ghat – river bank or bridge

gompa – Buddhist temple (literally: ‘mediation’)

himal – snowy mountains

kang – mountain

kharka – grazing ground

khola – stream

kosi – river

la – river

laptse – ridge

mani wall – wall of stones carved with Buddhist mantras

mandala – rounded dome

mantra – prayer formula

nup – west

protozoan – animal of subkingdom, Protozoa; usually unicellular and microscopic

ri – peak

serac – large block of ice typically formed in an icefall

shar – east

Sherpa – of the Sherpa people

sherpa – trekking group assistant

stupa – hemispherical Buddhist religious monument

tsho/cho – lake

yersa – crop growing area above main village