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Geography of Xinjiang
Xinjiang is located in the northwestern part of China. It covers about 1.6 million square kilometers, and Xinjiang is the largest administrative division.

Xinjiang borders on Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, with total boundaries running to 5400 kilometers.

There are several huge mountain ranges running east and west across Xinjiang. On its northern border loom the Altay Mountains. The mammoth Tian Shan mountains divide Xinjiang into North and South. Two enormous basins, the Junggar Basin in the north and the Tarim Basin in the south, each spread out from the Tian Shan foothills.

Xinjiang has the world second highest mountain peak, Qiaogeli Peak, at 8,611 metres elevation and the second lowest place, Turpan, at about 154.43 metres below sea level.


The main transportation are buses, trains and airplanes. However, in some small and remote farming areas, the donkey bus is very popular, especially in Turpan.


Here we all use Chinese money (RMB), but the visitor may go to the bank to change their travellers checks or cash and the bank is just in the center of the Urumqi city.

Special Local Food

Xinjiang is a wonderful place to eat special ethnic food and fruit and watermelon, Hamimelon, etc…..Visitors can eat Home-made Shish-kebab, thin-wrapper dumplings and baked dumplings and hand-made noodles and pilaf on the Bazzar. Sometimes one can enjoy Barbecued whole lamb when the Uygur festival begins. The food is very cheap and delicious.


There are many hotels in Urumqi of differing standard and price. The most popular hotels for travellers are the Xinjiang Hotel, Hongshan Hotel and Holiday Inn.

Standard rooms in Hongshan Hotel are 150 RMB per night (approx US$18) and dorms are US$3-4 for foreigners. However, Holiday Inn is about US$100 per night.

Hongshan and Xinjiang Hotels have good position about transportation and the Holiday Inn is just opposite the Hongshan Hotel.


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