Using the Paris Metro – Paris, France

Prices (as of July, 2006)
One ticket: 1,40 Euros
Carnet of ten tickets: 10,90 Euros
Visitors should check the Metro website for the most recent rates because they do change frequently! (Click international travelers for info in English)

Using the Metro (subway) and buslines is an ideal way to visit Paris, particularly if your time in the City of Lights is limited. Before purchasing your tickets, I would suggest considering the number of days you’ll be sightseeing in Paris and how many times per day you’ll be using public transportation. If you plan on staying within the Paris city limits, you will only need a ticket for Zones 1-2. La Defense and St. Denis lie within Zone 3. Airports lie within Zone 5.

There are numerous options and discounts. Here are a few to consider:

The ten-ticket carnet does not have a time limit so you can use these tickets over days, months or longer.

The Mobilis card is a one-day unlimited use card.
Zones 1-2 cost 5,50 Euros.

Whereas the Paris Visite Card (Zones 1-3) costs:

8,35 Euros for one day
13,70 Euros for two days
18,25 Euros for three days
26,65 Euros for five days

Paris Visite Card (Zones 1-5) includes transport to the airports:
16,75 Euros for one day
25,65 Euros for two days
37,75 Euros for three days
45,70 Euros for five days

Museum & Monuments Card
(This card allows access to museums only. Transport tickets are purchased separately.)
1 Day – 18, 00 Euros
3 Days – 36,00 Euros

Paris Open Tour
1 Day – 25,00 Euros
Children under 12 years – 12,00 Euros

2 Days – 28,00 Euros
Children under 12 years – 12,00 Euros

The Orange Card or ‘Carte Orange’ is being replaced with the Carte Navigo.
Carte Orange or Carte Navigo is a weekly or monthly pass. The current Orange Card rates are applicable to the new Carte Navigo.

(Zones 1-2) cost:
16,00 Euros Weeky – 52,50 Euros Monthly
(Zones 1-8) cost:
31,50 Weekly – 103,30 Monthly
(Normally, Zones 1 and 2 are the only zones you’ll probably need if you plan on staying within Paris city limits).

Paris Visite (Zones 1-3)
1 Day – 8, 35 Euros, 2 Days – 13, 70 Euros, 3 Days 18, 25, 5 Days – 26,65 Euros

Paris Visite (Zones 1-5)
1 Day – 16,75 Euros 2 Days – 26,65 Euros, 3 Days – 37,35 Euros, 5 Days – 45,70 Euros

The Noctilien Bus Routes run from 12:30 a.m. to 5:30 am. You can get a print out of the specific bus lines that run during the early morning hours or call tel: 08 92 68 7714. Or send an SMS to 61064 to know the next bus time arrivals – see

Remember, if you plan to use public transportation for the airport, you will need to

  1. Request a Carte Navigo, or Carte Paris Visite which includes the airport zone. For example, your Paris Visite card will note, “Aeroports inclus”.

  2. Purchase your airport ticket separately: Line B of the RER or Roissy Bus (departing from Opera) which costs 8,30 Euros.

Invest in the pocket-size book, Paris Classique (8,69 Euros) or the Plan de Paris, which lists all the arrondissements in detail as well as the buslines and Metro stops. This is the book that residents discreetly pull out of their pocket when they’re lost!

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