Victoria, BC Canada – Nightspots

Though all the clubs listed are considered safe spots to hang out, Victoria, like any city, is not a place to wander the streets late at night. The Yates/Johnson St. areas can be particularly dicey, so best to take a companion with you when you go clubbing.

Legends is one of the longest lasting and best known clubs in Victoria. A wide range of ages frequents this place. It’s a bit classier and more formal than some of the clubs catering just to the young. Some live music nights and specialty nights – retro, pop, etc. The traditional wooden dance floor can be found here. Legends is part of the entertainment complex of the Strathcona Hotel at 919 Douglas.

Sugar on Yates is big – two levels – and high class. It’s got a huge disco ball and nice decor. It plays mainly pop, top 40’s and has specialty music nights.


For the younger crowd, there’s The One Lounge at 1318 Broad with its techno music.

To connect with local University of Victoria students, head out to Vertigo, located in the Student Union Building on campus. It’s your basic university night club, but a very popular spot. There’s live music sometimes, retro nights, and more.
Tel. 250-472-4311. On this map of the campus, look in section 3D for location of the Student Union Building.

The Blues House
1417 Government St. Tel. 250-386-1717.

Live Music
Spinnaker Brew Pub
308 Catherine St.
Has live performances on Friday and Saturday nights.

Swans Pub
506 Pandora Ave.
Has live music different nights of the week. Tel. 361-3310 for
what’s happening.


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