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There are a number of working visa programs out there for people interested in earning some cash in a foreign country. They are usually valid for people between the ages of 18 and 26, but each is slightly different. The best way to find out more is to contact the embassy of the country you are planning to visit in your own country. is a great resource for this. Remember that you are dealing with government agencies here, so expect more red tape than a gift wrapping store at Christmas.

This section is so far not including student exchange programs due to the wide range and easy availability of such organisations.

Australia – see here for general entry visas

Australians can work abroad in a number of countries. Most people are aware of the 2 year visa offered by the British High Commission. This allows you to work anywhere in the UK for up to one year of that time. The cost is about A$90.

Ireland offers a similar program that allows Aussies (and Americans) to work for 6 months out of a year. It is also possible to apply for this visa while you are in Ireland. It will take 4-6 weeks to process, so be prepared to spend some time on holiday. Cost is IR£9/A$20.

Canada will let Aussies work for up to a year……

The USA is accessible for short periods of time through summer camps. These programs are pretty good but are restrictive in that you cannot go and find another job whenever you feel like it.

Japan has a working holiday scheme available to Aussies, Kiwi’s and Canadians. You can work up to a year and it costs nothing to apply.

The Netherlands offers a working holiday scheme, but don’t expect to start straight away. The visa is free to apply for, but once you get to The Netherlands you will have to pay a variety of fees and wait for the government to grant you the necessary paperwork. Registering with the “foreign police” will cost 125 Guilders. Actually getting the employment permit (only after you’ve found a job) will cost another 200 Guilders.

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