Waking Up in the Barossa – Barossa, South Australia, Australia

Waking Up in the Barossa
Barossa, South Australia, Australia

Checking out the Vineyards
Checking out the Vineyards
Someone ought to tell Paul and Irene Smith to quit their day jobs. During the week the couple are big shot H & R consultants in South Australia’s capital of Adelaide, but I’m convinced this is only a front for their real calling in life. On the side, Paul and Irene run a very quaint yet luxurious bed and breakfast in their home in the Barossa Valley, a getaway they refer to as Caithness Manor.

I became acquainted with the Caithness Manor when I spent this past weekend in the alluring charm of the Barossa Valley. About an hour drive north of Adelaide, the Barossa is world renowned for its quiet country life, gorgeous rolling hills, and – most of all – its wine.

Perhaps I was feeling a bit suave and maybe even the slightest bit debonair or maybe I was just a little tired of spending night after night in hostels. Either way, as luck would have it, Friday evening I found myself at the doorstep of the Caithness Manor. Being a college student, money is never something that is in abundance, so I have to admit I was a little reserved handing over the large chunk of change required for a two nights stay. Accustomed to paying $20 a head, the $165 per night was a drastic increase. But being ever so tired of scum infested showers and eight person dormitories, I closed my eyes, handed over the plastic, and prayed it would all be worth it. Now looking back, it’s worth double what I paid.

The Caithness Manor is situated in the heart of the Barossa Valley in the town of Angaston, a perfect location for anyone wishing to tour the wineries. Beginning its life in 1841, Angaston is a quaint town surrounded by warm, full trees, historic buildings, and delightful shopping – a haven for the antique junkie. Within a 15-minute drive of Angaston, there are upwards of 50 wineries, three in the town of Angaston itself.

Paul and Irene’s B&B is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the town centre, making all the restaurants, cafes, and markets within a comfortable walking distance. Of course chances are, once you get to the Caithness Manor it’ll take more than the idea of a warm meal to drag you away.

From the moment we stepped in the door, Paul and Irene treated us like royalty. Though most people would probably be skeptical at the idea of three Uni students invading their home for a weekend, Paul and Irene simply smiled and went about their business maintaining an impressive degree of professionalism and warmth from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.

The Caithness Manor houses two suites, both situated below the main house and accessible by one’s own lock and key which made for easy access. The rooms in the suites were furnished in a degree of luxury and care uncommon in even high-class hotels. Everything within the suite was personalized for us and added for our convenience. They provided picnic sets and rugs for trips within the Valley. Each suite had a fridge, microwave, cutlery, TV, DVD player plus DVD’s, teapot, hot chocolate mix, tea, coffee, biscuits, cookies, etc. Did I forget to mention the electric blanket and fireplace? Paul and Irene even went so far as to hang an American flag on their balcony to make us feel more at home.

Suites aside, the manor was delightful. The house is surrounded by gardens where birds seem to chirp away poetically all morning long. There is a pool and hot tub accessible to all guests, not to mention an outdoor fireplace. At night, we would sit in the hot tub and toast marshmallows while drinking a bottle of wine. In the mornings, we would be served exquisite gourmet breakfasts poolside. Every moment at Caithness Manor was a moment of luxury. I have never been so spoiled.

If you’re headed to the Barossa for a weekend and are prone to lead the luxurious life or would like to, give Paul and Irene a call. We all deserve to indulge occasionally and there’s no better place to do so than the Caithness Manor.

For further information please contact Paul and Irene:
Phone: + 61 8 8564 2761
Email: stay@caithness.com.au
Website: www.caithness.com.au

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