What’s There to Do in a Eugene July? – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide …

So, so much.


A Eugene July, for one, is actually warm. It even gets hot. We even see the sun. Sometimes, if we’re not careful, we develop skin tones that approach tans. Then the rain comes back, and we all dash inside.

For both locals and travelers, it’s hard to keep us indoors while it’s nice out, and really, there’s no reason to stay inside anymore than is absolutely necessary. Summer months in Eugene – and all of Oregon, for that matter – are so full of events and things to do in general, that we could devote an entire server to that alone. If you’re heading to or through Eugene, there’s lots of good reasons to stop. Three are below:

Art and the Vineyard
From people-watching to wine-tasting to art-sampling to eating, the annual 3-day Art and the Vineyard is a grassy-park good time that’ll leave you staggering. Not bad for 50-cent wine. More…


Oregon Bach Festival
What do a dead German composer, a Chinese former rice farmer, and a bunch of Eugene hippies have in common? And what does Bach have to do with a travel guide, anyway? More…


Oregon Country Fair
Do not jump on the glowsticks. Repeat: do not jump on the glowsticks. Find out why, when you slap on your sandals, paint your breasts, and return to the 60s for 3 days of Fairyland. More…




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