When in Melbourne – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

When in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

National Gallery of Victoria
National Gallery of Victoria
The theory goes that you either love Melbourne or you love Sydney. The door can’t swing both ways. But as theories are only theories and not proven facts, it’s easy enough to say that this one is total bollocks. I, for one, have part of my heart in both.

Melbourne is less of a tourist city. There’s no Opera House or Harbour Bridge, but the city still has presence. It has culture. It has a vibe that’s appealing. It’s a place that’s simply livable. Melbourne isn’t a place to be taken in quickly or with a dot point itinerary. It’s a city to be enjoyed and discovered. It’s all about culture. It’s about walking around in Gucci, spending evenings in the theatre, and eating gourmet Italian. To confine it to a tourist map and red double-decker buses would be criminal.

I flew from Brissie to Melbourne in the morning. It was a dreary day, the kind you expect from Victoria in September. The wind is cold, the rain is often, and the coats are out.

We stayed in the suburb of St. Kilda, which is right by the beach. It’s an artsy fartsy kind of place with lots of restaurants and cafes and people on bicycles and scooters. We stayed at the Ritz for Backpackers, which, though not made of gold, was pleasant enough.

Garden Views
Garden Views
St. Kilda is good base for tourists. There are plenty of pubs, restaurants, and sites throughout the neighborhood. It’s a short walk to the ocean and the famous Luna Park. It’s also just outside the city center. While it would take the better part of forty-five minutes to walk to the CBD, trams can get you there in a short enjoyable ride.

I spent three days in Melbourne just taking it in, hanging out, eating in the city, and shopping till I dropped – window shopping that is. Victoria’s capital is famous for its fashion. No place in Australia has better shopping. There’s everything from vintage, to boutique, to mass market. There’s boots, sandals, suits, blouses, tiny tees, highfalutin dresses, and summer frocks. You name it, they’ve got it. So bring your plastic and check its endurance.

Find a night and eat on Lygon Street, Melbourne’s little Italy. The street is lined with these quaint, family owned Italian restaurants where the owners stand in front bartering with you to take a seat in their lovely café. They offer you free bottles of wine, complimentary garlic bread, and a genuine smile. If you’re anything like me, you just can’t say no. I’m a sucker for Italian men and free food.

Sights in St. Kilda
Sights in St. Kilda
When in Melbourne, bring out your inner fashionista and grace the streets with sexy couture, sip wine on Lygon Street, visit the National Gallery and admire Picasso, spend an evening at the theatre watching the likes of Broadway. Treat yourself to luxury and all things cultural. After all, this is Melbourne. If not here then where?

To check out future exhibitions and performances head to The Arts Centre.

Want cheap tickets to theatre, music, opera, sporting events? Half-tix is your answer.

Completely and utterly lost? Visit Victoria.

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