Where to Stay – Taipei, Taiwan

Where to Stay
Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei Hostels
This Web page has information about seven hostels in Taipei. Users can book online and living in downtown Taipei with reasonable price. Some are as low as US$7 a day. All seven locations are walking distance from various tourist and local attractions.

We Friends
If you want to experience the authentic Taiwanese culture, I recommend finding a homestay before the trip. You can try the Web link above or look it up on the Internet, ask your local Taiwanese Student Association in various countries. They are more than happy to help. Try this method, use Google search engine and enter “Taiwanese Student Association.”

My friend, James, stayed in Taipei for three months. He chose to stay at a motel and paid about NT$9,000 for a month, which was a pretty good deal living in the metropolitan area. He actually spoke with the manager at the motel and negotiated for that price. Finally, they agreed on something and both happy about it! If you are not shy to bargain, definitely try this tactic!

Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel Taipei is known as Taipei Yuan Shan Hotel by the local residents. It is a national prestigious landmark. The hotel is famous for the classic Chinese design. It has many similar features to an emperor’s palace. The president of Taiwan usually hosts foreign guests at the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel has a long history. It is the first five-star hotel in Taiwan. Staying at Grand Hotel, guests have the opportunity to glance at the night view of Taipei because of its isolated location. It will take ten minutes to walk to the station, and the hotel offers frequent shuttle service. Ask for a hotel tour if you have time, the features in the hotel will astonish you. There are secret underground paths that were built in 1973, but the underground tour is only available for special events so please inquire at the hotel.

Asia Travel
Asiantravel.com has information about some of the most popular hotels in Taipei. The best feature of this Web site is the price and service list, which helps the visitors to decide where they prefer to stay.

Trip Advisor
Tripadvisor has some user reviews for travelers who like to shop around. People wrote about their experience while staying at the hotels, but most of the users stayed at the top-rated hotels. If you are looking for an inexpensive way for travel, you need to click on the external links to find better deals.

Visit Asiarooms.com and search for more than 6000 Asia hotels and resorts. You will be amazed by the possible low prices. Some of the prices are only available to the travel agents and corporations. As a Web user, you have the privilege to enjoy the discounted prices and quality service.

Xcess World
The Xcessworld offers hotel search all over the world and helps travelers to save some money for other activities. On this Web site, users can also choose the grades of the hotel to decide their own level of comfort for both accommodations and prices.

Taipei Hostel
Taipei Hostel is near the Taipei Railroad Station where Metro Taipei, buses and cabs are all available and convenient for commuters. There are three different kinds of housing options at Taipei Hostel. Visitors can choose to stay in the dorms, single or double room. There are also two payment options. Most people choose to reserve and pay for weekly rental instead of daily rental to save some dollars. Please check the Web page for the current prices. The special service at Taipei Hostel is that it has information about working opportunities in Taipei if you have spare time and feel like making some money while traveling.

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