Why is There a Cow Behind Your Motorhome? – Three Rivers, Texas

You want me to do what? OR Why is There a Cow Behind Your Motorhome?
Three Rivers, Texas

I must start out by saying that I mean no disrespect when I recount my conversation with the gentleman who I refer to as having a very strong “Yankee accent.” Because Texan is my only language, my ears are untrained in the slightly different dialect of my well-respected northern neighbors. My story is about my bewilderment caused by the regional differences in word pronunciations.

With that being said, here’s my story:

In January 2005, my husband and I took a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip in our fifth wheel to Choke Canyon State Park in Three Rivers, Texas. Successfully getting a campsite without reservations made in advance is a miracle because the park is a popular hang-out for winter Texans. Before leaving home, I called the park and happily learned that there was one campsite available. I made our last minute reservation and we eagerly drove the one hour drive to the park.

Upon our arrival, my husband went inside the park office to confirm our reservations and to get our reserved campsite number. I waited outside in our truck. While waiting, I saw a very well dressed gentleman hurriedly enter the office and then just as hurriedly walk out. After that, I didn’t give this gentleman another thought.

While I patiently waited for what seemed like forever, the well-dressed gentleman suddenly appeared outside our truck. He startled me when he tapped on the window. As I rolled down the window, the gentleman, in a very strong “Yankee accent,” asked if I would drive our truck forward because he was parked behind it in his motorhome. He said that he could not drive forward because our truck was blocking him and that he could not back-up because his “c-a-w” was behind his motorhome. Baffled, I wondered why and how someone would have a cow behind their motorhome. In my mind, I had a clear vision of a black and white Holstein milk cow happily galloping down the road behind a motorhome. When I finally focused on the gentleman’s question, I then thought “No, I can’t do that � I have never driven the truck with the RV behind it!” When I told the gentleman this, he quickly replied “You can drive, can’t you?” When he said that, I felt silly for thinking that I couldn’t do something so simple, so I agreed to drive our truck forward. Also, I was curious about the cow and very anxious to see it. As I drove forward, the gentleman nervously stood in front of our truck frantically waving his arms as if to guide me forward. By the worried look on his face, I knew he doubted my driving abilities. As soon as I moved our truck forward enough for his satisfaction, he quickly disappeared.

Within less than a minute, he whizzed past me in his motorhome with his “c-a-w” trailing behind him. I was totally disappointed to see a car instead of a cow. When I noticed that the license plate on the car was from Illinois, I understood why I was unable to understand. I know the gentleman was just as puzzled about me as I was about him.