Why Three Isn’t Always a Crowd When Traveling

When choosing a travel companion there are so many things to consider. Many choose to travel with friends, others with their significant other and some go at it alone. So when I ventured out on a year-long trip abroad, choosing a travel companion was of the upmost importance. My boyfriend and I planned our RTW adventure together for over two years so when we decided to add a third wheel to the mix, many thought we were crazy.

Running a three-legged race around the world had it’s ups and downs, but I maintain that our little threesome was not only successful, but I would recommend it to other travelers out there. So, for all of you contemplating who to travel with, here’s my top reasons why three isn’t always a crowd:

The traveling trio.

The traveling trio.
  • Contrary to popular belief that someone will always be left out in a crowd of three,  I found the opposite. Instead, if one member of the threesome wanted to head off alone there were two others to keep each other company. Everyone needs an alone day and not everyone wants to be left alone. With a group of three you can have your cake and eat it too.
  • Let’s be serious…. You are in the hostel and you see a couple sitting in the corner, you are not likely to approach them to see if they want to tag along on your night out on the town. With a group of three, it takes the “boring couple” stigma out of the boring couple. The third person can act as a buffer who reaches out to other backpackers and in turn, the other two make more friends.
  • Three is always a party. Even when you find yourself in a non-social hotel or hostel its always a good time with your little party of three.
  • Things are always more inexpensive when you split them three ways. Most hotels can accommodate three people in a room, three people fit nicely in the back of a cab and we found that a pack of pasta noodles and sauce perfectly feeds a group of three. Keep to my rule of three and you will keep more precious dollars, dinar or dong in your pocket.
  • Someone always has your back. When traveling with people for a long time you are bound to have some disagreements. However, when you have an argument with one travel companion, there is always someone else to turn to when traveling in a tripod. Unless both your travel partners hate you at the moment, but I can’t help you there.
  • The single guy always has a wingman. Traveling with a non-threatening girl (aka one who already has a boyfriend) screams sensitive guy. Plus, you always have a girl putting in a good word for you with the other female backpackers. It’s an automatic in with the ladies!
  • Safety in numbers! You are walking down a dark alley at 3 a.m. after a night out, but you’re in luck- you have two bodyguards walking right next to you. The odds of someone approaching you in that dark alley will be lower than if you are at it alone.

Obviously, traveling in a trio is not for everyone. However, next time you find yourself with a third wheel aboard your trip embrace it, make some space and enjoy the ride.

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