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Wee-Cheng standing tall at a Latin American pyramid.

Wee-Cheng, a nomad wannabe, has been juggling with hectic work as a London investment banker and frequent travel to places where he got into lots of trouble.

He has been arrested in Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and the rebel state of Transdniestria. He’s been mugged in Jerusalem and Romania, and got into a near fight with a Cypriot gangster.

He has recently found himself jobless and decided to be a real nomad by beginning a 5-month journey to Latin America, starting from Rio at the end of December 2001.

Project Infinite Liberation
Wee-Cheng outlines his trip, route and destinations. Latin America is only the beginning.

Latest Updates
#69: Down Highway One of Vietnam: Journey Through Ancient Kingdoms And Old Battlefields
Even when Highway One is dry vehicles have to shudder in and out of potholes, and it is makes Wee-Cheng ask, why am I here?

#70: Killing Fields & Fried Spiders: Adventures in Poor Rich Cambodia
Five hours by bus across a mere 150 kilometers tell a lot about the current state of the old Khmer Empire.

#71: Bangkok Notes: Home Nearer Than Ever Before
A planned two days in Thailand turn into six, even though home is closer than ever.

#72: Singapore At Last: Wee-Cheng Completes His Odyssey
Wee-Cheng summarizes his year on the road, shares what he has learned and decides that traveling will be his life-long odyssey.

Catch Up on the Journey
#68: Hanoi & Northern Vietnam: A Courageous People Have Arisen Again
How cafe chon is made might add a new meaning to the expression "shit coffee," but Tan Wee-Cheng says it doesn’t taste anything like shit.

#67: Laos – Lazy Days Along the Mekong
The peaks of the fog-covered hills look like volcanoes floating on an ocean of fog, or nipples of well-rounded breasts peeping from beneath rich white layers of foam in a bathtub.

#66: Yunnan Province, China:
An encounter with Dr. Ho, the legendary Taoist Doctor of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Wee-Cheng recounts meeting the famous Dr. Ho, and seeing the view from the Tiger Leaping Toilet.

#65: Across the Heart of China: Buy a Mao Statue and Win the Lottery! Part II
From Communist ruler to pop icon, today Mao Zedong seems like a combination of George Washington and Vladimir Lenin.

#64: Across the Heart of China: Buy a Mao Statue and Win the Lottery! Part I
Modernism comes to inland China, but has the government made the right bet when Chinese tourists snap cameras like Westerners in Mozambique?

#63: Did Genghis Khan Lose His Organ (oops!) in China?
Genghis Khan’s order to destroy an ancient kingdom may have had more to do with love gone bloody, than the accepted story of his death would have you believe.

#62: Northwest China
Wee-Cheng expected a backward, dusty capital in a poor province, but China’s mad rush to prosperity has turned Timbucktu into Las Vegas.

#61: How Some Singaporeans Became Local Stars on the Steppes
The search for tarveg continues, but see what happens in the Orkhon Valley when Wee-Cheng partakes of a little too much arkhi and airag.

#60: In Search of the Furry Mongolian Groundhog
Autumn is the time for delicious tarveg, a Mongolian specialty for their own groundhog day.

#59: Trans-Siberian Railway: Life & Fun Across 9000 km of Taiga, Steppes & Plain Wilderness, Part II
Leaving Vladivostok for Mongolia, Wee-Cheng finishes the world’s longest rail journey.

#58: Trans-Siberian Railway: Life & Fun Across 9000 km of Taiga, Steppes & Plain Wilderness, Part I
The strange unknown territory of Siberia represents vastness, emptiness, but in fact is filled with much, much more than you might think.

#57: St Petersburg & the Russian North-West: Imperial Glories, an Ancient Republic and a Foray into the Arctic; Ready for Siberia!
St Pete might not be the capital of Russia, but that’s only in name; it has culture and friendliness like Moscow has police checks.

#55: Turkmenistan: Admiring The Beloved Great Leader’s Book in the City of Love, Part I  |  Part II
Much as Wee-Cheng likes the country and the friendly people, he can do without the personality cult politics and the ubiquitous national oath.

#54: Baku, Azerbaijan: Short Foray in Boom Town
The local Azeris remind Wee-Cheng of the amazing hospitality so prevalent across the Caucasus and Central Asia.

#53: Turkmenistan: Homage to Its Leader & Learning a New Calendar
Things to do today: take over country, have gold monuments made in my likeness, rename months after my gracious self.

#28-52 – Europe Updates

#20-27 – North & Central America Updates

#1-19 – South America Updates

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