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500-years of History in Cartagena, Colors and Colorism in Colombia, 10 Gear Items You Need For Camping Trips, and 5 Surprising Things About Antarctica

For our U.S. readers, next week’s Thanksgiving already (for Canadian folks, the holiday’s already come and gone), and soon-to-be December, and with it the holiday rush. Why not put off any shopping you’re considering, and read about travel and far-off places, instead?
This week on BootsnAll we’re talking about Colombia, Antarctica, and camping gear. There are many different Coleman camping gear essentials that you can take on your camping trip to make your camping experience one that you will enjoy. However, you need to think about what type of camping you are doing and what Coleman camping gear you will be able to take on your camping trip. With some types of camping you will not be able to take all of the camping gear that you might want to take. RV parks are designed to let you enjoy the comfort of your own home while still giving you easy access to campground amenities and proximity to all kinds of exciting outdoor destinations. The best part: with RV camping, you can take all your favorite outdoor toys with you wherever you go. To know more details about camping, Go through site. Matt Milloway shares his experience touring the historic city center of Cartagena, Colombia, guest writer Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad reflects on how skin color affected how she was treated on her last trip in Colors and Colorism in Colombia, Aimee Maxwell gives her best advice on what camping gear you really need to be comfortable on your next trip like a countertop icemaker, and Lynda Joy Smith shares some surprising facts about Antarctica- it’s not just about the icebergs.

500 Years of History in Cartagena

Freelance writer and traveler, Matt Milloway travels to the northern coast of Colombia, and spends a day immersed in the history (and humidity) of Cartagena’s colorful streets.
“My taxi driver bravely weaved through the midday traffic as I strained to catch a glimpse of Cartagena, Colombia’s Old Town. I was eager to see the city that Gabriel García Márquez vividly portrayed in Love in the Time of Cholera—one of narrow cobblestoned streets, three-story colonial-era homes, and a flair for the unpredictable.
We’d been skirting the Caribbean for at least ten minutes. Only a narrow stretch of land separated the turquoise waters from imposing 16th century walls that protected the heart of Cartagena.”

Colors and Colorism in Colombia

In Colombia, color is all around. But the local preoccupation with color isn’t just about walls, fresh fruit, flowers, and textiles. Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad shares her experiences with Colorism in Cartagena and reflects on how race has a direct effect on how she’s received in destinations around the world.
“Colors mean a lot in Colombia. But not the colors you’re probably thinking of. While a stroll through the colorful streets of Cartagena might lead one to believe that the vibrant and vivacious shades of buildings, textiles, fruit, and flowers are what give the country its character, allow me to scratch the surface a bit deeper. You see, this idea of colors in Colombia touches on much more than just the neon orange and royal blue walls decorating the neighborhoods.
I remember walking down the streets minding my business and one by one, locals would shout, ‘MY SISTER!’ ‘MY COLOR!’ ‘WE ARE ONE!’ and I loved it.”

10 Gear Items You Need for Any Camping Trip

Whether you’re planning your first big camping trip or you’re an old pro,  Travel Gear Blog writer Aimee Maxwell, has 10 items you’ll want for your upcoming camping trip.
“Camping doesn’t have to mean sleeping uncomfortably and dining plainly. Having the right camping equipment can make even the most camping averse person enjoy the great outdoors. Many travelers find that they actually enjoy camping if they are prepared and have all the necessary gear –  tossing in a few luxury camping items can’t hurt (despite what some campers say, camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it).
Camping gear has evolved incredibly through the years, but the essentials remain the same. From having a comfortable place to lay your head to having all the basics for exploring from base camp – here are the top 10 camping items you need to keep safe and comfortable during your next camping trip.”
Camping and kayaking are amazing hobbies on their own; both offering you a sense of freedom and adventure. But when you combine the two, it’s a recipe for something extraordinary. By using your 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set, you can explore rivers, lakes, and coastlines before pulling in to set up camp during the evening.

5 Surprising Things About Antartica

It’s only natural to expect snow and icebergs on a trip to Antarctica, but Lynda Joy Smith discovered some surprising things about the world’s most southerly contentinent.
“Circa back around 85 million years and you could have been picking flowers way down south around the Antarctic Circle. Today, in the 21st century, for an up close with lichens take a look at Heard Island.
This largest sub Antarctic island has 12 species of flowering plants (none introduced by humans) and fossils revealing ancient plant forms.”
Photo credits:alexmillos, Gloria Atanmo, Photomario, spatuletail.