Author: Sean Keener

Is there a hike or trek you wish to cross off your “life list”?

Hiking is an outdoor exercise and consists of walking – for fitness or pleasure-in a natural environment. We choose to hike on hiking trails, especially when we don’t know the terrain or the area we are walking in. Most hiking trails go through scenic landscape. Aside from seeing superb landscapes and visiting sights along the hiking trails, we also benefit from the effects it has on our health: keeps the weight under control, lowers the blood pressure, and improves mental health.
The word hiking is understood in all English-speaking countries, but there are some differences in usage. For example, in the UK and US, multi-day hikes with camping are referred to as backpacking. Multi-day hiking in the mountains is referred to as trekking in most areas of the globe (except Europe).
The equipment needed depends on the length of the hike. For a day-hike , all you need is a backpack with water, food, good comfortable shoes for you to be comfortable standing and walking, and a map. Remember to wear good walking shoes and protect your skin from the sun.
Is there a hike or trek on your “life list” that you’ve yet to cross off?
I’ve been hiking for fitness and pleasure for the past 10 years along with camping and practicing survival skills I gathered from BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL Skills . And although I’ve done 22 km day-hikes, I have yet to hike on famous hiking routes such as the Inca Trail. While that’s certainly on my “life list,” a dream about to become true is to hike on the island of Ios , Greece (hopefully next summer). There are both easy , short routes and longer, more challenging routes on the island.
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Week 37 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about hiking/trekking.

Is there a hike or trek on your “life list” that you’ve yet to cross off?
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Photo by Cristina Puscas and may not be used without permission (Hiking to Siria Citadel, Romania, 2011)