Author: Sean Keener

One Word (Let's Make it Two) | 30 Days of Indie Travel Project #indie30

This is part of BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel project, a daily blogging challenge with a prompt for every day in November 2011. Check out the prompt at the bottom of this post to find out how you can participate!
Okay, so it’s two words, not one. But we were told to interpret this project how we wanted, so I’m using two words for this post. Deal with it.
The best way I can describe my infatuation with travel can be best described by that feeling I get. No matter what your passion is – travel, cooking, sports, running, music, theater – we all get that same feeling. You know the feelings I’m talking about. The feelings of excitement. Nervousness. Anticipation. Enthusiasm. Anxiousness. Happiness. Elation. Excitement. Hope.
I get it every time. And it doesn’t matter what type of trip it is. It can be a short weekend away. A one week trip to the beach. A few weeks out of the country. Or a year-long RTW trip. Every single time I’m about to take off and hit the open road, I have that feeling.
There are so many things I love about travel. I love exploring new cities and countries. I love trying new food. I love meeting new people. I love hopping on that next bus, train or plane, or jumping into my car and heading out of dodge. I love the down times and relaxation. I love standing atop a mountain. I love experiencing history. I love creating new memories.
But the one thing that keeps me coming back for more is that feeling I get right before I’m about to leave. It usually hits a day or two before. I start getting excited. I start getting anxious (in a good way). My blood pressure rises. When we’re within 24 hours of leaving, forget about it. I can’t work. I can’t sleep. I can’t think about anything else but leaving. About what’s to come. About the adventure we’re about to go on.
I’m like a junkie, yearning for that next fix. If we don’t have a trip on the horizon, I get restless. I don’t function well. I don’t feel right. So I read. I research. I plan. And I wait for that feeling to come back again.

30 Days of Indie Travel Project: How to Participate

We’re inviting bloggers from around the world (that means you, too!) to join us in a daily blogging effort designed to reflect on how our travel experiences over the last year – or whenever – have shaped us and our view of the world. Bloggers can follow the prompts as strictly or loosely as they like, interpreting them in various ways and responding via text, photos or video posted on their own blogs.
We’ll share some of our favorites via Twitter and Facebook throughout November, as well as a round-up article at the end of the month, so if you’re playing along make sure to let us know – use the #indie30 hashtag on Twitter, and link to the 30 Days of Indie Travelpage in your post so we’ll be able to find it.
Find out all of the 30 Days of Indie Travel blogging prompts so far – it’s never too late to join in the fun!
Prompt #29: ONE WORD
What does travel mean to you in one word?  
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