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Planning a Europe Trip: This Week on BootsnAll

Travelers have been drawn to Europe for ages, and it remains one of the top destinations for people planning short vacations or more long-term backpacking trips. There’s so much variety, so much to see and do (and eat!), and it’s all concentrated into such a small part of the planet, that it seems tailor-made for the wanderer in all of us. Throw a few things in a backpack, grab a Eurail Pass, and go – just like people have been doing for decades, right?

Oh, if only it were still that simple.

This week on BootsnAll, we’ll look at spectacular locations in Romania worth discovering up close, explore some must-have Ireland experiences, discover European cities that still feel “untouched,” and learn about some of the best festivals and events in Europe. And be sure to check back Wednesday for the launch of our research report on RTW ticket buying!

Week 10 of the Indie Travel Challenge 2012 is all about planning a Europe trip.

While Europe’s infrastructure is typically a boon for travelers, much of the region has become more challenging for indie travelers these days. The euro currency makes everything way more expensive than it once was, and Europe’s popularity means it can be difficult to get away from big crowds.

There are ways to visit Europe on a budget, of course, and there are good reasons to keep major sights on your must-see list (even if they’re crowded).

What have you done in your own visits to Europe to make it more budget-friendly or to get away from the crowds? If you were going to spend several weeks – or several months – in Europe, where would you go (and why)?

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