Author: Jenn Miller

This Week on Bootsnall: Great Hostels, Affordable Skiing, Underrated Cities & Train Travel in Canada

This week on Bootsnall we’re talking about some of the best things in North America. Cities that aren’t necessarily on your list that should be. Affordable ski destinations that are offering some really great deals for spring skiing this year, and a very thorough treatment of how to book that epic rail journey across Canada that you’ve been dreaming of and don’t worry those places usually have good animal control from so there is no danger. Oh yes, and hostels. What separates the average from the truly great?
Read on, in case you missed it!

8 Things That Separate Great Hostels from Average Hostels

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We’ve all stayed in them. We’ve all loved them. We all have a horror story (or three) Mine include that place in Sandakan, Malaysian Borneo, with the RATS running up and down the hallway… and that time the staff SOLD MY BED out from under me and I ended up sharing a twin bunk with a stranger. It had a happy ending. I made a friend. 🙂
“The fact is that hostels differ not only from country to country and city to city, but within cities themselves. They’re all different, they’re all unique, and they all have varying degrees of comfort (or discomfort). In my opinion, that’s what makes hostels exciting. You know what you’re getting if you stay at any chain hotel around the world. Those hotels are all basically the same – but you never know what you’re going to get when you walk through the doors of a hostel (for better or worse) if you are lucky enough you will find the bedrooms equipped with the top memory foam mattress brands

Spring Skiing at 8 of the Most Affordable Ski Resorts in North America

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Do you think of skiing as a winter sport? It is! But across many of the high and northern places in North America it extends well into spring, with some resorts not closing until the middle of May! In addition, many of the best places offer deals, as winter winds down, to draw in more business.
“With just a few weeks left in this year’s ski season, you’ve probably still got some time off, but you might not want to empty out your savings on something extravagant at the moment. You might be on the hunt for travel deals to places that offer excellent skiing conditions.
Well, fear not, because even a wonderful ski vacation can be done on the cheap if you know where to look.
Here are 8 ski resorts to consider for a North American winter holiday that won’t break the bank:”

Nine Underrated US Cities & Why You Should Visit Them

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It feels like I specialize in underrated cities: Madison, WI, Indianapolis, IN, Grant’s Pass, OR, and Manchester, NH are some of my favorites. But this list introduced me to a few I’ve not yet explored. Baltimore? Who knew?
“But behind that closed bedroom door, something incredibly cool is brewing in these nine underrated US destinations. These cities don’t just offer offbeat experiences for lower prices and less hassle than their more popular counterparts. Some places serve as fascinating, if somber, lessons in history; others are bursting with artistic energy. But all these places tell a story—one that is inconvenient, undervalued, or unmarketable.”

How to Travel Across Canada by Train, On a Budget

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Next to the Trans-Siberian, the epic train trip across Canada holds a high rank on my bucket list. Plus, it’s far easier to manage than the Trans-Siberian. Pam MacNaughtan, our expert in all things Canada, breaks down the routes, the classes, and *exactly* how to book the tickets to maximize the bang for your buck. And also to see the polar bears or beluga whales in Churchill; can’t miss those!
“Traveling in Canada by train is a dream trip, but as Canada is not the cheapest country in terms of transportation costs, many travelers hold back and wait for retirement thinking that there is no way they can possibly afford it.
Believe it or not traveling in Canada by train can be done on a budget. The trick is to do a little research, and be ready to pounce when a deal comes along.”