Author: Sean Keener

What do you splurge on when you travel?

As a rule, I am a budget traveler. In some cases, you could easily call me a cheap traveler — although when I hostel I usually get a private room. And yes, there’s a difference between cheap travel and budget travel. However,  when it comes to finding something to eat, you won’t usually catch me in restaurants. I’m in the markets, at the store or somewhere else where there’s good, cheap food.
My travel plans are always filled with a list of free things to do in every city I visit. And then come the rare splurges. They don’t need to be huge to put a smile on my face. In London, I felt like going on the London Eye was a major splurge, but it was one of the highlights of the trip. In Bucharest, after 10 hours on the train, I paid €35 for a hotel room with TV, ensuite bathroom and internet in the lobby, despite the fact that I was already contemplating a night in a hostel.
Whether we’re on a short vacation or traveling for months, it feels nice to break up the routine and splurge on something. For some, it may be a private room in a hostel, for others, it might as well be a 5-star hotel room with a view, while others might spend a bit more than planned on activities like skydiving or a show.
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Week 29 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about travel splurges that are worth it.

What’s one thing that you are willing to spend more on while traveling? Why?
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Photo by Hauke Sandhaus