Author: Sean Keener

Where Does My Money Go? #indie30

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“It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it.” –George W. Bush

Everyone has slightly different priorities when it comes to travel budgets and expenses. Personally, I like to save on accommodation, and I’m willing to pay more for food or splurging on a cool experience. I’m also a notorious cheapskate when it comes to things I feel should be cheap or free.
Other than your initial flight, the largest expense while traveling is usually accommodation, but when the purpose of traveling is to explore and experience a new place, the last thing I want to spend a ton of money on is where I’ll be sleeping.

Cheapskate confessions:

  • I made my own fresh-squeezed orange juice on my transatlantic cruise from Barcelona back to the states (with a knife, spoon, bowl, cup, and a mountain of free oranges they provide on the boat).
  • On the same boat, I did my own laundry in the tiny little sink and hung my clothesline criss-crossed across my tiny little cabin.
  • I’ve slept in several airports to save $ on an extra hostel night (this strategy usually leaves me quite cranky upon arrival at my next destination).
  • I carried around a food bag in New Zealand, that I toted from hostel to hostel. Saved a ton on breakfast and lunch while there by having muesli/fruit, sandwich fixings, snacks (cheese, wine). This was pretty easy (and standard practice) in NZ.

Things that were worth the splurge:

  • sushi in Tokyo
  • skydiving in Hawaii
  • taking surf lessons in Australia
  • taking myself out to a nice dinner in Madrid (when everyone at the hostel was eating McD)
  • seeing Air live at the Sydney Opera House
  • bread, cheese, wine… pretty much everywhere
  • canyoning in Costa Rica
  • taking a week sailing trip on the Med
  • buying a jewelry and leather goods in Morocco

So for me, most of my best memories associated with a bigger cost while traveling are about experience and food. However, as I get older (yes, even in the last three years since my round the world trip), I’ve noticed a shift in wanting more mid-range lodging instead of bottom of the barrel (“just give me the cheapest price!”) hostels.
Where does your money go on a trip?

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Prompt #18: BUDGET

Every traveler has a budget; for some it just might be higher of lower than for others What’s your style? What do you spend very little on and what are you always willing to pay more for?
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