Round the World Wednesday Travel Articles

Every week, on “Round the World Wednesday” we share tips for planning, budgeting and selecting a route, plus advice on where to go and what to see and do all around the world.


8 Reasons to Take a Gap Year
8 Reasons to Take a Gap Year The reasons for taking a gap year - a travel break from school or work - can be many. Adam Seper offers eight of countless more reasons to take a break from normal life to pursue your travel dreams.
24 Powerful Quotes to Inspire Your Travels
24 Powerful Quotes to Inspire Your Travels With the thousands of meme quotes circulating on social media, Jenn Miller gets inspired to share 24 of her favorites, most of which have never made the meme circuit. What are your favourites?
The Importance of Community
The Importance of Community Eight years after beginning to plan her family's first big leap into long term travel, Jenn Miller reflects on the importance of community and invites you to join her in building it, here at Boots-n-All
Dream Big and Travel Far
Dream Big and Travel Far Melissa Bannigan did what few single mothers have the courage to do: she quit her job so that she could educate her own child and travel the world. She's created a business out of her passion and now works to inspire and empower other women to follow their dreams and live passion driven lives. And now, she's inviting girls to join her on life changing adventures in Peru!
Graduation: Give the Gift of Travel
Graduation: Give the Gift of Travel Jenn Miller makes a case for travel as the continuation of education and issues a challenge to all the old people and the travelers in the world: give the gift of travel and change a young life!
The Importance of Optimism
The Importance of Optimism Jenn Miller points out that an optimistic attitude is not something you can order at REI along with your titanium spork and have delivered in a lightweight packing cube to fit nicely alongside your water filter and guidebook. A very few people come by it naturally but, for most of us, it’s an exercise in character development and intentionality. It’s a quality born of adversity and enough miles under our belts, literally and figuratively, to have some perspective on the journey. In short: you’ve got to live through some stuff before you believe you’re going to live through this too.
Why Recent College Grads Should Take Time to Travel
Why Recent College Grads Should Take Time to Travel Just graduated college or graduating soon? Frustrated about job prospects? Isabel Eva Bohrer shares tips on a travel option that you may not have thought of. A RTW trip could enhance your resume and make you stand out to prospective employers.
First-Time Backpacking: What I’ve Learned
First-Time Backpacking: What I’ve Learned Jenn Miller discusses the difference between packing your backpack for the average RTW and packing for an unsupported backpacking trip. She touches on why, most of the time, it doesn't really matter what you pack and why cutting the weight in your pack is less important than taking care of the most important piece of gear you possess.
8 Ways to Cut Costs on Your RTW
8 Ways to Cut Costs on Your RTW When taking any trip - but particularly on a long-term RTW trip - finding ways to cut corners on your spending means the ability to travel longer. The less you spend on flights and accommodation, the more you'll have left for experiences. Adam Seper offers eight ways you can dramatically cuts costs on a long-term trip.
A Dozen Reasons Why
A Dozen Reasons Why Jenn Miller asks another dozen wanderers why they travel. The answers are as interesting and varied as the travelers. Have you answered the big question yet? Why do you travel?