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BootsnAll has been connecting Independent travelers since 1998, and the RTW (Round the World) trip is the pinnacle of an independent travel experience. Peruse over 60 articles about RTW travel, from inspirational articles meant to give you that extra kick out the door, to articles helping you plan the nuts and bolts of your trip, to a free 30-day planning course that will give you all the tools necessary to plan the king of all indie trips.

Travel Burnout as a Couple
Travel Burnout as a Couple Traveling with a partner is great, but what happens when one of you is burned out and the other isn't? Writer Aimee Cebulski looks at the issue of travel fatigue mis-match and how to deal with it.
A Practical Guide to Planning a Short RTW
A Practical Guide to Planning a Short RTW How much time do you have for a RTW trip? What do you have to consider in order to plan your adventure? Stacey Ebert has traveled on both a long and short RTW and shares her planning logistics for a short nine-week journey around the world.
The Importance of Optimism
The Importance of Optimism Jenn Miller points out that an optimistic attitude is not something you can order at REI along with your titanium spork and have delivered in a lightweight packing cube to fit nicely alongside your water filter and guidebook. A very few people come by it naturally but, for most of us, it’s an exercise in character development and intentionality. It’s a quality born of adversity and enough miles under our belts, literally and figuratively, to have some perspective on the journey. In short: you’ve got to live through some stuff before you believe you’re going to live through this too.
Why Recent College Grads Should Take Time to Travel
Why Recent College Grads Should Take Time to Travel Just graduated college or graduating soon? Frustrated about job prospects? Isabel Eva Bohrer shares tips on a travel option that you may not have thought of. A RTW trip could enhance your resume and make you stand out to prospective employers.
8 Ways to Cut Costs on Your RTW
8 Ways to Cut Costs on Your RTW When taking any trip - but particularly on a long-term RTW trip - finding ways to cut corners on your spending means the ability to travel longer. The less you spend on flights and accommodation, the more you'll have left for experiences. Adam Seper offers eight ways you can dramatically cuts costs on a long-term trip.
Confessions of a Reformed Spender
Confessions of a Reformed Spender I once read that saving money is a lot like getting in shape–it’s not enough to swap a salad for a pizza slice here and there, you really have to commit and just choose to eat healthy and visit the gym. Saving money for travel is similar in that you have to choose to save money and put your purchases into perspective. Although I am a reformed spender (who occasionally relapses with the impulse purchase at Duane Reade) these tricks have come a long way in helping me save for my adventure.
Meta Mindset of the Long-Term Traveler
Meta Mindset of the Long-Term Traveler The list of the positive aspects of travel would is inexhaustible, but to only document the positive side of long-term travel would be to paint an incomplete picture of what it can do to your relationships, your body, and your mind.
Do Things, Not Countries
Do Things, Not Countries Don't tell me you've 'done' Scotland. Why how we speak about the places we've been matters.
When Travel Loses Its Luster
When Travel Loses Its Luster Long-term travel… doesn't it sound romantic? The 'ideal' life for a serious wanderlust. While still recommending it as a rewarding lifestyle choice, Rachel Denning shares how long-term travel isn't all gorgeous vistas and vintage cafes. If you think you want to travel long-term, you better prepare yourself to face these inevitable vicissitudes.
196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 3
196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 3 We're nearing the end! Only 2 more installments after this one. Check out reasons #30 - #43 of why you should make this the year you just go!