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The decision to make a train reservation before leaving on your European trip will depend upon the type of travel you will be doing. In general, we recommend that you wait to make your reservations when you arrive in Europe or Britain for the following reasons:

  • Most trains do not require reservations
  • Reservation fees are lower in Europe and Britain
  • Plans may change and most reservations are non-refundable

However, for certain types of trains, reservations are either required or recommended. These include the following:

  • Sleeping accommodations on all overnight trains.
  • High Speed Trains (e.g. Eurostar,TGV, TAV, Thalys)
  • Long Distance and Express Trains in Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
  • Long Distance and Express Trains during high season (Jul-Aug)

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How do I pick a pass?

Select your countries

Which countries do you want to visit on your trip to Europe? Some travelers want to go everywhere. Some only want to see a handful of neighboring countries (like Italy, Spain, and France). Some want to pick and choose across the entire region. No matter your preference, there is a pass for you.

Determine your budget

Your budget goes a long way in determining which pass is right for you. After narrowing down your wish list, go through your trip budget and figure out how much you can set aside for a rail pass. Remember, the more places you go and the faster you move, the more your pass will be.

Figure Out Length of Your Trip

Some travelers go to Europe for a couple of weeks, like for a spring break during college or a shorter vacation. Some go for the entire summer. Some take months and months to explore the continent, while others travel Europe for as long as possible. There are rail passes available to suit any traveler and pretty much any timeframe.