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Traveling Around the World


For starters, have we debunked your myths of travel yet? If not, have a look at these questions and answers, where we address – somewhat tongue-in-cheekly – common questions and misconceptions about round the world travel.


  1. Why do people travel for such a long time?
  2. How long is the average round-the-world trip?
  3. How do you save the money?
  4. Where do you start planning?


Why do people travel for such a long time?
Traveling around the world is a dream a lot of people have, and they want to make it come true. Travelers go RTW for various reasons, such as wanting to make a lifestyle change, take an extended break from “regular life”, experience greater exposure to other countries and cultures, and/or to challenge themselves with the rigors of around the world travel. Those are just a few reasons.

How long is the average round-the-world trip?
6-12 months. Some people do go shorter, but usually not shorter than 3 months. Some people go longer, say 2 years.

How do you save the money?
Like any other goal, such as buying a car, you have to find the cash to make it happen. There are lots of ways to get the money to travel around the world. Here are a few ideas:

  • Every paycheck, pay yourself first: put a certain amount of every check into a the bank. And don’t touch it.
  • Cut out some of the little stuff – it adds up. Instead of paying that 50 cents for a candy bar, or $3 for a latte, or $1 for a soda, put the money away instead. This $4.50 alone is worth about one night’s accommodation in India. Let the money add up toward your trip.
  • Get a second job, and put all the money towards your trip.
  • Take out a loan. Yep, you’ll have to pay it back, but some people do borrow, either to finance their trip on the whole or in part, or to have some “emergency cash” just in case.

Where do you start planning?

There are a myriad of resources on BootsnAll to help you plan your trip.

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