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FAQ – Working As A Location Independent Professional

What Is Location Independence?

Location independence is the idea that you can work and live from anywhere, thanks to modern technology that allows you to stay connected to colleagues, employers, employees, and clients whether you are in the next cubical or around the world. Location independent professionals can work full or part time, run their own business, or work as a freelancer or contractor. They may live in one place for a year, a few months, or just a few weeks, mixing days or hours of work with time off to enjoy the location they are visiting.

How Can I Be A Location Independent Professional?<

Take a look at the duties of your current job. How much face time with your co-workers and clients is really required? What kinds of tasks could you be doing from home right now, even if you were still in the same city? If most of your tasks could be done remotely, you are a good candidate for becoming location independent in your current job. If most, but not all functions could be done from anywhere, maybe you could tweak your job description to shift the tasks that must be done from the central office to another person. Obviously you’d need a really good track record at your job to be able to pull this off.

Are There Any Jobs That Lend Themselves To Becoming A Digital Nomad?

Anything that you can do with only your computer and an internet connection is best. Web consultants, writers, photographers, web developers, even lawyers and other business professionals can offer consultations from anywhere in the world. While there may be a good deal of jobs that are good for digital nomads, finding them is the real challenge. But if you were already planning a RTW trip without having to work, maybe you can start some other work on the side while you’re gone and begin to build a business?

What Are The Benefits Of Being Location Independent?

The biggest benefit of being a location independent professional is that you can travel and live almost anywhere you like and still make money while you do. You don’t have to give up your career in order to travel long-term and you’ll gain new skills that will make you even more attractive to future employers. There won’t be a gap on your resume, so you don’t have to worry that traveling for a year or two will negatively affect your career path.

What Are The Downsides Of Being Location Independent?

There are a few downsides to being location independent rather than just taking off to travel around the world for a set amount of time. Rather than being free to do what you want every day, you’ll have to commit to spending at least a few hours of each day or week working. Your time may not be entirely your own as you may be working under tight deadlines. You may also have to be available at inconvenient times of the day so that you can check in via phone or Skype with clients or co-workers. And, since some of your time will be taken up with work hours, you’ll have less time to explore each area. For this reason, many location independent professionals choose to stay longer in each place and see fewer places overall.
By now you should have a pretty good grasp on all things money (at least as far as planning and pre-trip is concerned). So now we can move on to more interesting parts of planning. Modes of transport is up next, with the never-ending debate of RTW Plane Tickets vs. Buy As You Go.
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