Updated 2016

Dime-sized Burundi is squeezed in between Rwanda and Tanzania and is volatile enough for the both of them. Although Burundi is stocked with national parks full of hippos and lions, the danger of traveling in Burundi dwarfs the country's attractions.

What to do

Put these on a list and save them for later, when Burundi stabilizes and becomes a destination that travelers can tour without fearing random violence or a political implosion during their stay.

Kibira National Park is almost a readymade safari. The smallish park is full of curious monkeys and other wildlife and criss-crossing trails allow you to navigate through the park easily.

Ruvubu National Park is full of look outs and elevated platforms where you can scout wildlife and track herds. Although otherwise bare of human influence, the towers help safaris track animals through the brush.

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Getting there

Burundi is such a small country that only a few African airlines have flights there. However there are many flights to Tanzania and traveling from Tanzania to Burundi is a possibility.

The bottom line in traveling to Burundi is that if you're not part of an official trip, your best bet is to travel to a different country until things take a turn for the better.