The world’s largest and most populous continent, Asia is a region of rich diversity and splendor. We split Asia into four different regions – Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia.

In eastern Asia, the regional powers China, Japan and Korea are as different as they are powerful. In Central Asia, the former Soviet Republics continue to evolve and to develop their own identities. Southern Asia is home of a rising power, India, while right next door Pakistan is an intriguing nation. Things are buzzing in Southeast Asia where countries like Thailand and Vietnam continue to develop rapidly while holding on to traditional ways.

Add Asia to your multi-stop trip

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Asia Pillars

Trying to narrow down where to go in massive continent like Asia can be challenging, so we’ve chosen a handful of highlights, or pillars, for each region.

Southeast Asia

Northeast Asia

South Asia

  • There are a myriad of reasons to go to India, as it could be said that India is the pinnacle of indie travel destinations – one that challenges you at every turn, but rewards you with an experience like no other.
  • Bhutan may not be the most popular of places to visit, but it won’t be long before other travelers catch on and realize why it’s worth it to visit the country that has a GNH (Gross National Happiness).
  • Another top destination for 2013, Sri Lanka is becoming a more popular country to visit each year, for the still off-the-beaten-track areas and the food.

Central Asia

There may not be a less visited region of the world than Central Asia, where the former countries of the Soviet Union combine to make a truly indie travel experience.


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Where to stay

There are obviously thousands of hotels in Asia, and the come in literally all price ranges. Luxury is never far away, but cheap places to sleep are available almost everywhere outside of Tokyo and a few other major cities. There are also endless hostels in Asia as well. One interesting thing about the hostel scene in this part of the world is the places with no hostels tend to be places where hotels themselves are so cheap that demand for dorm beds just isn’t there. In those cities you’ll still usually see budget hotels listed where the hostels would be, so it’s worth checking those if you are on a budget.

Photo credits: Pondspider, Thomas Depenbusch