[All content and prices updated August 2013]

Why you should add Ethiopia to your Indie/RTW trip

Despite being known for famine and poverty, Ethiopia is slowly emerging as a great indie travel destination. With its rich Orthodox Christian culture, travelers come to witness a country steeped in tradition that hasn’t changed much in many centuries.

  • Ethiopia has national parks and wildlife on display to rival even the most famous parks in South Africa or Kenya.
    • Awash National Park, Mago National Park and Yangudi National Park are a few of the many parks in Ethiopia.
    • There is also Sodere, a pool of naturally occurring hot springs, that draw tourists from the nearby town of Adama and Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.
    • Hotels and resorts surround the springs, but more reasonably priced lodging can be found 25 km away in Adama and it’s an easy trip by car.
  • The history of Ethiopia is fascinating, and learning about it gives you a glimpse into the culture of today.
  • While wildlife can and should be a part of any trip to Ethiopia, the landscapes are dramatic and provide an amazing backdrop to hiking and trekking.
  • If you’re the type of traveler who likes to be challenged on your trip, then Ethiopia is for you. Travel isn’t easy, but the rewards are great for those who venture here.


Flights to Ethiopia are reliable and safe and can be booked on BootsnAll. In fact, Ethiopia’s Bole International Airport is a major hub for travel throughout Africa and the world. Overland travel is more tricky. Car travel is complicated by washed out roads and possible banditry in some regions, and the trains are discouraged for the same reason. Travel by bus is possible, but a slower and harder journey than on a car or train.


Several hostels in Ethiopia serve the backpacking crowd, while camping can save some cash, particularly if you have your own gear.