Updated 2016

Lesotho is a country with one border. Completely encircled in the center of South Africa, Lesotho is at least geographically isolated by mountains and boasts a most idiosyncratic claim to fame: Lesotho has the highest low-point of any nation in the world.

Safe and politically stable like its neighbor on all sides South Africa, Lesotho is a viable travel option for those who want to stay out of the metropolitan centers of Africa without risking a trip through any dangerous or unsecured areas.

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What to do

In addition to Africa's highest pub at Sani Pass, Africa has some unique sights and activities. Pony-riding err... horseback trekking through Katse and Malealea is a popular way of seeing the country and only with the help of their trusty steeds can many travelers make it up the towering mountains to Lesotho's best views.

In addition to the horses, Lesotho has remnants of dinosaur footprints on display in the Morija Museum and Oxbow is one of the few places in Africa where travelers can ski.

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Getting there

Most travel to Lesotho comes from flights through South Africa. There is a flight from Maseru to Johannesburg, but accounts of the travel through that airport brought flashbacks of our own worst travel experiences. And Maseru doesn't deliver your bags via courier when they're lost for a few days.

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Where to stay

There are a few options for lodging in Lesotho. Not only are there hotels and hostels in the capital, Maseru, but the mountain getaway Oxbow Lodge in Oxbow also puts travelers up for the night between ski runs and hikes through the mountains.

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