Updated 2016

Liberia has a lot of coastline, a lot of sunshine, and a new lease on life after electing a new president, but don't go packing that safari shirt just yet. At the moment the U.S. discourages travel to Liberia like a parent not letting their kids stay out past 12. You can whine and complain about how this is SO UNFAIR and tell them about the pretty green jungles, the beaches and the khaki hats you're missing out on all you want, the State Department still doesn't think you're old enough.

Start with Liberia Travel Facts.

What to do

Liberia has the beaches of a world-class resort town. What they don't have is the resort town. If you've got the know-how to navigate Liberia, there are vast stretches of jungle, beaches and natural wildlife to explore. But you're on your own if anything happens.

Getting there

If you want to fly into Liberia, intercontinental flights mostly go through Europe. There are international flights from nearby countries, but the best way to get into Liberia is probably to fly into a neighboring country and drive across the border.

Where to stay

If you decide to break curfew, it is possible to travel in Monrovia. There aren't many nice hotels and accommodations of any sort are difficult to come by, but they can be found. Outside of Monrovia, where things still haven't calmed from the civil war, some people do not have homes, much less the ability to put you up for the night.