South Africa

Updated 2016

The flights to South Africa are still long, but the exchange value for travelers with American Dollars is a big selling point right now. This big country at the southern tip of the continent is on the list of Top 10 Value Destinations for USD Travelers in 2016. Don’t wait!

For visitors traveling to the African continent, South Africa remains one of the more popular destinations. After years of suffering through Apartheid, today’s South Africa is a vibrant democracy. With the largest economy and the most modern infrastructure on the continent, South Africa is the driving engine as Africa moves forward in the 21st Century.

Even with optimism in the air, South Africa remains a country with problems. Its HIV/AIDS crisis is among the worst in the world, its cities are plagued by crime and it still features pockets of abject poverty. You will see all of this when you visit the country, but you will also find a land that is rich in natural and human resources. You will find geography that is like nowhere else in the world. You will see animals that you have only read about in books. You will experience the beauty of Cape Town and the bustling life that is Johannesburg.

South Africa is not a perfect country but it is an interesting one. There is an energy in the air there and for a traveler to the country this energy can be contagious.

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