Dar es Salaam

[All content and prices updated July 2013]

Why you should add Dar Es Salaam to your Indie/RTW trip

Known as the Haven of Peace, Dar es Salaam in the main city for business in Tanzania, and has a vibrant, safe nightlife, compared to other big African cities. Dar es Salaam sits right on the beach and is the access city to much of East Africa.

  • There is a fascinating mix of cultures in Dar Es Salaam – Africa, Muslim, and South Asian
  • There is a beautiful harbor, beaches to lounge on, markets that rival any in the world, and a great history.
  • It’s the jumping off point to explore the Serengeti Nat. Park, climb Kilimanjaro, and hike the crater of Ngorongoro
  • You can learn to scuba dive for cheaper than other, more popular places around the world
  • Dar es Salaam is a great base to explore volunteering opportunities.

Indie travel tips for Dar es Salaam

  • Dar is a great place to base yourself for various day trips:
    • Mikumi National Park
    • Bongoyo Island
    • Mbudya Island
  • Check out Kigamboni, also known as South Beach.
  • If you’re the clubbing type, Dar has quite a few night clubs that have a good mix of both expats and locals. A great way to mix with the local culture if that’s your thing
  • Head to the Pugu Hills for some hiking near the city. You can hire villagers as guides.


Most who travel to Tanzania fly into Dar es Salaam before heading off to other parts of the country.

Buses and trains both traverse the country once you’re in Dar, but buses tend to be more reliable. They can be rather scary, though, as speed seems to be more important than safety.


Most indie travelers stay in hostels in Dar, and there are a good number of them to choose from.