Stunning Mount Kilimanjaro is within the borders of Tanzania in eastern Africa. Kenya is just to the north of the mountain, and cheaper flights to the region can usually available into Nairobi, Kenya, although that will add another day onto your trip and another entry visa as well.

Why you should add Kilimanjaro to your RTW travel list

  • To climb Kilimanjaro, at 19,343 feet (5896 meters), the largest peak in Africa and one of the tallest free standing mountains in the world.
  • Be astounded at the amount of wildlife in Tanzania
  • Visit the crater of Ngorongoro
  • A trip to Serengeti Nat. Park will offer cheetah, Crocodile and wildebeest

Why you should not add Kilimanjaro to your RTW travel list

  • It’s not the cheapest adventure around.
  • While it’s one of the easiest peaks to climb of its size, that also means it’s among the most popular. You won’t be alone climbing Kili.

Check out our Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide for a whole lot more information about taking a trip up Kilimanjaro.