[All content and prices updated July 2013]

Why you should add Zanzibar to your Indie/RTW trip

The spice island on the Swahili coast, Zanzibar is famed for being the starting point for missionaries, ivory dealers, and slave traders heading into the heart of Africa. These days Zanzibar attracts an army of sun worshippers who just finished their hot safaris and now are ready to relax and tell stories about their amazing experiences in the bush.

  • Experience the mystery of the Maruhhubi Palace, bazaars, mosques, and colonial mansions
  • See the home of a dozen different rulers
  • This spice island that has more secrets than you can imagine
  • Stroll through a sultan’s palace
  • Visit a Persian bath house
  • Take the “spice tour” to the Mangapwani Caves


Many travelers fly into Dar Es Salaam before heading to Zanzibar, though there are flights to Zanzibar itself as well.


Your best bet for affordable accommodations is to search for hostels in Zanzibar.